How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes?Many people opting for an alternative smoking device are likely wondering “how safe are electronic cigarettes?” Because this industry is still so young, there isn’t a lot of scientific data available on the long-term effects of usage, but experts generally agree that they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Alternative devices don’t come with the banquet of harmful chemicals that other smokes do, reducing the intake of carcinogens and other toxic agents. In fact, battery powered devices only use a combination of water, propylene glycol and nicotine to produce their vapor.

How safe are electronic cigarettes in comparison to traditional smokes?

Most people are aware of smoking dangers, though even lifelong smokers may not be aware of how many chemicals are in every puff. Every smoke is infused with hundreds of additives, dozens of them known carcinogens.


Regular smokes include the following additives:


    Acetaldehyde – a chemical used in various glues. Doctors believe it

     encourages the body to absorb other chemicals in the  smoke.

    Acetone – a chemical used in solvent. Regular exposure eventually caused

     damage to the liver.

    Benzene – a carcinogen that’s found in gasoline.

    Cadmium – a metal that can cause brain, liver and kidney damage, as well as

      many cancers.

    Chromium – another metal that’s used to treat wood and create alloys. It can

     also cause lung cancer.

    Formaldehyde – a resin and strong preservative. It can cause nasal cancer and

     damage any organ that comes in contact with it.

    Hydrogen cyanide – a chemical used for execution in some states. It is used to

     make plastics and can induce nausea or headaches.

    Lead – a carcinogen that can cause severe damage to the brain, as well as

     reproductive organs or the kidneys.

    Nickel – another metal and carcinogen that can cause asthma.

    Phenol – an extremely toxic chemical that can damage the nervous system,

     heart, liver, kidneys or lungs.

    Tar – an agglomeration of several carcinogens that will remain in the lungs after

      inhaling. Tar does damage to the lungs over time, as it is extremely difficult for

      the body to remove naturally.


Battery powered devices do not contain these chemicals, or any of the other chemicals, metals or carcinogens which traditional smokes include. A person will eliminate most of the chemical intake they would have otherwise received by opting for a vapor device.


Propylene glycol is the primary additive in alternative devices and is FDA approved for use in various applications, including acting as a food additive. It is regarded as safe and in everything from shampoos to toothpaste to even blueberry muffins. It is readily excreted by the body and is quickly metabolized by the liver into nontoxic substances. These substances include many natural byproducts of the body’s own metabolic cycles.


Although further research will help completely answer the “how safe are electronic cigarettes” query, there is no question that these devices contain far fewer chemicals than traditional smokes.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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