Vapor Gen Smoke Free Electronic CigaretteA smoke free electronic cigarette is a device that vaporizes a special glycerin liquid into a fine aerosol mist releasing nicotine. There are three components to the device that include the cartridge, the liquid reservoir, and the atomizer. The atomizer heats the liquid, the cartridge is used to inhale the nicotine vapor, and there is a realistic mist by-product that mimics smoke.

These products lack tobacco and contain only a small amount of nicotine with no dangerous toxins, carbon monoxide, or tar. The cartridge is filled with a combination of propylene glycol, commonly found in asthma inhalers, and a little bit of nicotine. Most brands range from 0 mg to 48 mg of nicotine per milliliter of liquid, determining the strength of the product.

Burning of tobacco in public is illegal and frowned upon in many places, but since these are not considered tobacco products they are legal in most locations. No more worrying about nicotine withdrawals while dining in a restaurant or watching a play, and there is no harmful by-product for others to inhale. Enjoy a few puffs anywhere since it is easy to slip the carrying case into a wallet or purse.

A smoke free electronic cigarette will not stink up clothing or the surroundings because the fine mist is odor-free. The mist is evaporated water and the smell is as neutral as that of steam. When it comes to “lighting up” there is no unpleasant aroma leaving its after effects on property or irritating nearby people. The emitted mist is also lacking any hazardous chemicals that could have negative health effects.

Another benefit of a smoke free electronic cigarette is that since it is not a tobacco product the user can cut back on health and life insurance rates. Using these devices does not put a person into a high risk category when deciding premiums either.

Using the device is easy. There is a charger that simply plugs into a wall or USB port on the computer that gets it ready to go. However, it is necessary to change batteries from time to time, but how often will depend greatly on the user’s habits. A low battery will cause less release of inhaled nicotine and reduce the efficiency of the smoke free electronic cigarette. When charging, some devices will blink green and red, and once it is done, the light will stay green indicating it is ready to use.

If the device is not working properly there are a few things to keep in mind. There is a sleep mode that helps with saving the battery, so try pressing the activation button a few times. If that doesn’t work, check to make sure it is charged. If charging does not help, try replacing the battery. Finally, if it gets wet it may stop working, so separate the battery from the tank, and then run a tissue over the contacts to ensure dryness.

A smoke free electronic cigarette is a good choice for nicotine users. The device is socially acceptable and does not break the law. The directions make it easy for the user to learn, and troubleshooting it when the need pops up is just as simple. Getting that nicotine fix just got a lot more fashionable, regardless of the location.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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