A Cigar Gift Basket Can Make A Great Corporate Gift!The best corporate gift baskets will have a variety of cigars along with several important items to make the recipients smoking experience that much more enjoyable. Putting together one of the best corporate gift baskets could not be simpler. Men tend to be a little more difficult to buy for. However, that valued client or business partner will appreciate the effort put into the selection.

A great item to add to the basket is an ashtray designed specifically for cigars. There is one out there that will fit the personality and style of the person the gift is for. The person that prefers a sleek, streamlined style of decor may like to have a Bram Warren Executive Onyx ashtray. Perhaps they are more eclectic and enjoy different shapes and colors. For that person, an ashtray designed by La Aroma De Cuba in the shape of a classic car may be perfect.

Another way to put together one of the best corporate gift baskets for friends or clients is to add a draw enhancer. Draw enhancers are an effective way to improve the draw and eliminate any plugs in the expensive stogie. Picking one from Gore Artistry would be an excellent option. They are cast using crushed marble and coated with bronze in very unique sculpture-like finishes. Havana Saver carries a military line of draw pokers. Draw Enhancer

Adding a box opener is one of the best ideas for corporate gift baskets. This is an item that many will not have, but nearly any aficionado will appreciate. How about putting in a soft flame lighter? Tatuaje has a beautiful, limited edition lighter called the El Triunfador. It has a sterling silver Fleur de Lis design on Macassar wood. Many of the cigar lines will have several options for accessories. Look up the recipient’s favorite brand and see what is available.

100 Count HumidorA humidor is always a nice choice. There are many styles to pick from to fit the character and individuality of the recipient. A humidor can serve as the container for the collection of items that will be given. This item is the perfect environment to store one's favorite cigars in. Aficionados will sincerely appreciate receiving one, even if they already have one. A smoker will testify that having several humidors enables them to keep one in their study at home and keep one at the office. These handcrafted items are made well enough to hand down for generations. Adding a humidor to the best corporate gift baskets is an excellent way to make an impression on that important relationship.

After the selection of cigars are made, add in some favorites that everyone likes! Premier chocolates and a bottle of red wine that will compliment the chocolates is a perfect option. Choose some Alaskan smoked salmon with a selection of premium cheeses and crackers. Add in a nice bottle of white wine and the box will be complete. If the professional business person is an avid golfer, then choose a few items and have them personalized. If they have a favorite football team, this is a great opportunity to put a set of NFL golf club head covers in the mix.

Whatever one chooses to include in a gift of this magnitude, it is sure to surprise and please the aficionado that receives it, no matter what the occasion may be.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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