Best CigarsIllusione Cigars began as a small business venture for Dion Giolito. His career as a tobacconist began with a part time job at the Tinder Box. Eventually that job worked into a full time job after he realized the education degree he was about to complete was in a field he just did not like. He dropped out of school and after twelve years of working at the Tinder Box, he got a small business loan and went out on his own to create Illusione Cigars in 2004.

Illusione cigars remained a local favorite until he enlisted some help from others in the business and became a larger distributor, eventually going national with his brand. Numbers have always had a huge influence in his life, so his cigars all wear the number brand.

Today his line includes some of the following: 68 Bombone which is the year of his birth and the smallest cigar in his line. 88 Robust signifies the year he came back to Reno and the body of the cigar. F9 named for finesse which is the taste profile of this particular cigar that was to be conveyed, and nine for the 9th planet, Jupiter, which isn’t a planet anymore as he points out. 4/2 G Church which signifies the year he opened his business, with the rest of the name speaking of the flavor of the cigar, being mild in the beginning two thirds and then a bold and spicy round off in the end. 888 Necessity and Sufficient cigar is biblical in nature and is the Hebrew numeral equivalent for the name of Jesus, while the necessity and sufficient names describe the balance and profile of the cigar. HL The Holy Lance is an artisan blend and the mildest cigar of the line.

Other lines include the Cruzado, with a rich spicy aroma and a flavor featuring hints of leather, coffee and spice. Epernay 2009 is a medium to full bodied blend of Nicaraguan tobacco which is complex and perfectly balanced with hints of coffee, honey, floral notes, and a delightfully creamy finish. Cuchillos Cubanos-Picadura Supremo is a 60/40 blend of medium and long Nicaraguan tobacco. It is available in five sizes and is handmade, double binded, and finished with a silky, grade-A cover leaf.

Illusione cigars began with the idea of bringing back the cigar of years gone by. At one time, the Nicaraguan tobaccos were the best in the world. The Esteri region produced tobaccos which made the cigars that came from those fields very fine products. The Sandinistas took over in1979 and the fields were no longer used. Since then, these fields have been taken over by a well-known grower, Cuban born Arsenio Ramos, and the dream of this brand has come to life.

Illusione cigars are made in small batch quantities for quality and consistency purposes. Corojo ’99 is the tobacco used to make each one of these prestigious cigars. The final product is wrapped and topped with a triple cap to complete the cigar.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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