Origin:Dominican Republic                     Wrapper: Indonesian TBN

Filler: Dominican, Brazil                         Strength: Mild to Medium

Binder: Dominican

H Upmann Tubed ClassicsIf you are a cigar connoisseur, you have most likely enjoyed one of the H Upmann Tubed Classics. They are part of the Classic line, however, they are individually encased in their own tube and then boxed for packaging. They are offered in fifteen sizes, but only three of those sizes are offered in the tubes. The H. Upmann Tubed Classics are offered in Corona Major 5 1/8 inches x 42 ring gauge, Monarch 7 x 46 and Tubos Gold 5 x 44. They are only available in a natural wrapper.

If you are not familiar with the H Upmann Tubed Classics, or the brand, you are missing out. These beauties have been around since 1844. Anything that has been around that long must be doing something right and have a wonderful blend of tobacco. H Upmann is named after its founder, Herman Upmann. He was a banker in Germany and went to Havana to open a branch of the Upmann Bank. He had originally come up with the brand to put on boxes of cigars as a way to promote his banking firm. Shortly after, the sticks were a success. Starting in 1862 to 1893, he won seven gold medals in international exhibits. This only made the brand grow faster and more successful. If you look at the boxes made today, those gold medals and his signature are lithographed onto the boxes. It went through a couple of acquisitions and is now manufactured by Altadis, S.A. It is produced both in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, which is why we are able to enjoy these wonderful rods here in the States. The brand produces both hand rolled and machine rolled vitolas. There is some folklore about these sticks as well. It is said that our late President, John F. Kennedy was a connoisseur of this brand. Before the embargo was signed against Cuba in 1961, he requested multiple boxes from cigar shops around the D.C. area, so he could have a stockpile of these on hand. Some would argue that this is strictly folklore, but there has been an account to the validity of this story, and proves that this stick has been enjoyed by some very prestigious people.

The H Upmann Tubed Classics are considered to be a premium rod. They are filled with a rich tobacco blend and then rolled and placed into individual tubes, and packaged beautifully in a cedar box. Looking at some reviews on this rod would tell you that that when they are young, they tend to be more on the milder side. If you have the patience to let them sit in your humidor, they become more medium bodied. The Monarch in particular seems to be an outstanding smoke. It has a medium to dark colored wrapper with minimal veins. If you pinch it, there are no soft spots present, and it is a firm feeling, well packed smoke. Many reviews have been after an average of six to eight years in the humidor, so the flavors are fuller. These gems are a good forty-five minute, to hour and a half of smoking enjoyment. Even for a milder smoke, they offer complex tastes. There are flavors of rich tobacco, vanilla, and coffee with hints of spice. There is a balance in the flavors that makes the H Upmann Tubed Classics very enjoyable, one even a novice would enjoy without trepidation.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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