Strength: Medium                     Wrapper: San Andres Morron             Origin: Dominican Republic

Binder: Nicaraguan                    Filler: Honduras and Nicaraguan

H. Upmann Reserve MaduroThe best thing about an H Upmann Reserve Maduro is that it is a great cigar to smoke on both special occasions, as well as an early morning enjoyment. Many say it is an everyday smoke, or one for beginners, however, fine enough for any special occasion as well. This is a finely made stick with nice oil sheen on the wrapper. There are some small veins, as well as a few medium veins that are not problematic, however they give this stick quite the masculine appearance. This particular rod that is made by the world famous Altadis U.S.A. comes in a variety of sizes that include the Belicoso, Corona, Robusto, Sir Winston, Titan, and the Toro.

The H Upmann Reserve Maduro has great construction with no soft or hard spots, yet it is fairly firm in ones hand, and when squeezed, its shape rebounds like a sponge. The band is a very intricate piece of art that is quite classy, and average in size. The pre smoke aroma is a sweet mixture of coffee and cocoa, which is easy to distinguish. The cold draw makes a confirmation that the flavor of this stick will have both coffee and cocoa mixed in with a delightful complexity of other flavors. The resistance of the draw is just right. It is easy to cut, and many refer to the pre lit aroma as rich and enjoyable, giving the smoker something to be exited over.

Once lit, the rods construction holds up quite nicely. The H Upmann Reserve Maduro has a well blended and complex array of flavors that will keep the smoker on his toes. At first, the obvious flavors are the cocoa and the coffee, however, after a puff or two there is an added hint of tobacco. There is also a delightfully nutty sweetness added to the flavoring in the beginning of the first third. This stick produces a fairly decent amount of smoke that is rich and creamy. Some have noted that they tasted a hint of nutmeg that joins in during the initial few puffs, while others simply refer it to being a hint of nuttiness. There is a definite creamy, yet sweet aftertaste on each and every draw that makes the flavor sit on ones palate for a little longer, which is quite enjoyable.

When the second third is reached the H Upmann Reserve Maduro picks up buttery flavors that are nice and sweet. During this third the cocoa and coffee start to taper off a bit, but never completely leave the flavor of the cigar. At this point during the smoke there are notes of leather, and on occasion, wood. The ash of the stick is a mixture of light gray that turns dark gray at the tip. The ash is strong and mildly flaky, but nothing to be concerned about. The burn of the stick wiggles a little bit, but it fixes itself fairly quickly, leaving no need to touch it up. Upon finishing this rod, there is a little pepper that joins in with the flavors to make this smoke a very complex one in regards to flavoring.

The H Upmann Reserve Maduro is a fine stick that is highly recommendable and will definitely keep a smoker on his toes. This is a slow smoker, ranging from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half to smoke, so be sure and set aside at least an hour to be able to enjoy it in its entirety. From the construction, to the band, to the wonderful flavor, you will have all your senses aroused when smoking this fine cigar.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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