H Upmann Classic CigarsThe H Upmann Classic is a mild cigar that is delightfully smooth. Originating in the Dominican Republic, this unique brand of cigars was once used as a promotional item for a banking enterprise by Mr. Herman Upmann. The H Upmann brand ultimately dates back to the early 1800's and has risen sharply in popularity throughout the decades. There are many different series in this amazing line of cigars, so you can be assured that there is at least one that would be perfect for you. The H Upmann Classic is heads above all other cigars and is one of the tried and true brands that are still going strong, proving the test of time.

The name behind the H Upmann line of cigars has been around for centuries, making it one of the oldest brands in cigar history. Herman Upmann was a banker from Europe, and when he decided to expand and open a branch in Havannah, he began using these cigars for promotional purposes. He then decided to open his own cigar factory in the mid 1800's after the sticks popularity rose from his promotional gifts to his clients. The named changed in the early 1900's because the bank as well as the cigar factory went bankrupt, and it is now known as the Jose' Marti' Factory. The factory went through a lot of different owners and changes, but even through that, the H Upmann line of cigars is still active and strong, especially in the American market.

The H Upmann Classic is one of the most renowned of the Upmann series of sticks. The Classic comes in different versions, and they include the Robusto, Apertifs, Churchill, Corona, Demi Tasse 5 pack, Gran Corona Tubo, Lonsdale, and the Discovery. Experienced cigar smokers keep these in stock in their humidors because of the unfailing flavors and aromas that exude from these sticks. They are also very popular for the cigar novices, because of the mild and smooth essence of the H Upmann Classic.

The nutty aroma put together with swirling tones of earth and wood make smoking this cigar a fabulous and tantalizing experience. The entire line of H Upmann cigars are boldly complex, yet they embody a simple combination of the subtle flavors of relaxation. They are exceptional and a great way to take a breather from the hectic ins and outs of every day life. They are also a wonderful way to celebrate those moments in life that you want to remember for years to come. This could be the birth of a child, the wedding of someone special, or a job promotion. No matter what the event is, H Upmann Classic cigars will have a cigar perfect for the occasion, and that is guaranteed. If you need something to make that special day even better, indulge in a mellow and smooth smoke that has the perfect amount of a spicy kick.

Mr. Herman Upmann would be smiling today if he knew the impression of his creation and the impact they are having on the cigar industry today. Aficionados from all over the world respect the name of H Upmann. And they know that the premium sticks that carry his name truly qualified to be called the best. Make it a point to stop and purchase an Upmann cigar today from your favorite cigar shop. You will be using your cigar lighter to ignite one of them gems as soon as you have it in your hands.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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