Gurkha Wickied Indie CigarsThe Gurkha Wicked Indie got the first part of its name from soldiers during the rule of Britain over India. They were known to manufacture their own smokes from whatever tobacco they could find in the area. This is where the name originated. However, after the Brits left, the smoke’s appeal seemed to have left with them. The idea of the smoke was later revived, and this is how the line came to be.

Beach Cigar Company is the parent company that released this particular line, called the East India Trading Company. The company claims that it is a very complex cigar. Most of the reviewers said that they more than agree with that claim.

The Gurkha Wicked Indie sports a cost that is considered to be in the value pricing range. However, this does not mean that they are not every bit as great as the higher priced smokes. The cigar sports a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. The binder is also Nicaraguan. The filler is made from Nicaraguan leaves that have been allowed to age for three years. It is available in four different sizes or vitolas.

They are as follows:

• Robusto: 5 x 52

• Toro: 6 x 54

• Churchill: 7 x 50

• XO: 6 x 60

The Gurkha Wicked Indie arrives in a box that resembles an older styled crate. The banding is very unique. If they are purchased by the box, they will come with 50 cigars in each one. Many of the reviewers seemed to gravitate towards the Toro size, and so the information below will be geared towards describing that particular stick.

When the Gurkha Wicked Indie was first lit, many of the reviewers said that the flavors were quite simple. It included a peppery type flavoring and a slight hint of wood. Soon after the beginning of the cigar, many reviewers noted that the taste profile changed to include a more significant cedar wood note that has a nice sweetness to it. About a tenth of the way through the smoke, the flavor profile began to ramp up quite a bit to include floral notes as well as a hint of a very flavorful mint taste. It was here that the flavors began to become deeper.

About half way through the cigar, a different type of flavor was detected. Caramel flavoring, mint and the cedar wood type notes were still very much present. The cigar remained smooth throughout the length of the smoke. The nub was even cool to the touch right down to the end.

The Gurkha Wicked Indie cigar was rated very highly among those that reviewed it. All of them said that they would like to include this stick in their humidors, and that they would recommend it to other smokers and friends. People who normally do not care for notes like floral or mint sang the praises of this great cigar. The complexity of the stick was highly rated. The burn and draw were also rated as excellent. The body and strength were rated mild to medium. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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