Gurkha SeductionGurkha Seduction cigars were introduced in late 2010 with its roots coming all the way from India. Back in 1980, Kaizad Hansotia, now owner of the Gurkha brand name stumbled upon a small cigar company in India. He was able to obtain this company for a mere $143 and began giving the stogies away as corporate gifts. In 1995 he brought the product to the United States, and with a little help in the marketing department the name become known as the “Rolls Royce” of cigars. Gurkha Seduction cigars have recently become a major contender in the industry. With its prestigious wrapper, quality filler, superior craftsmanship and exceptional taste, it is a stogie to be reckoned with.

Wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano tobacco leaf that has been aged for three years, Gurkha Seduction cigars are beautifully constructed. They come in a rich, marbled brown colored wrapper with very minimal veining and a tight, invisible seam. It has a very smooth, silky, yet slightly oily feel to it. The next layer contains a nice exotic Dominican Olor tobacco leaf binder which nicely holds the contents in place. It is then dressed in the expected richness of the Gurkha style gold band, which reveals the Gurkha soldier (where the name originates). The wrapper burns nicely and reviewers noted a sweet molasses fragrance melded with some nice earthy tones. There is a perfectly flushed double cap that is cut very clean.

This cigar is filled with 100% Columbian Corojo tobacco, offering the aficionado a rich smoking experience. This stogie, when left in a humidor the recommended length of time (a couple of weeks), lights quickly and stays lit. If not left in the humidor, a couple of minor touch-ups may be required. The first third of Gurkha Seduction cigars produces a nice bittersweet cocoa flavor mixed with some coffee notes. This flavor is enhanced with rich earthy tones and complimented by some nice baking spices, with cinnamon being the strongest. There are also hints of vanilla and aged rum. It has the feel of a decadent dessert cigar, one that is to be enjoyed slowly. The second third of the smoke tends to lay off the spices and bring the cocoa and coffee flavors to the front lines. Sneaking in at this point is a hint of caramel with the spiciness returning in the last third. The finale is that of true earthy tones with nice spices to include pepper. Though the flavor changes throughout the smoke, the spice never dies out completely. This is a very flavorful smoke as noted by the reviews. The draw on this stogie was said to be firm yet smooth with the burn time anywhere from 35 – 40 minutes. It stays lit even when put down and left alone for a few minutes. The ash is a nice light color of grey and a nimble texture withholding about a half inch before dropping off.

Gurkha Seduction cigars offer a full body of rich flavor, combined with an overall excellent smoking experience. It is mild enough to be enjoyed on a daily basis. With its rich sweetness coupled with a nice earthy, spicy flavor, the cigar is a mellow and savory smoking experience. This is said to be a mouthwatering experience, leaving the aficionado anticipating the next time they will be able to indulge in this gem. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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