Gurkha Cigar SamplerGurkha Sampler cigars are skillfully blended to tantalize the palest of palates. These creative samplers are aged for five or more years, and will astound the most particular smokers. The smoke of a Gurkha Sampler ranges from light to medium, and all the way to full-bodied. They have a creamy note, yet a complex hint of spice with a delightful mixture of caramel and honey. The aroma is fabulous and any aficionado will be waiting in sheer anticipation for the moment they can light up.

The most discerning cigar epicurean would be “wowed” by this sampler pack of sticks. The smokes of the Gurkha Sampler have a distinct and prestigious history from India. During the political climax in India, when the British ruled, the military persons began to create their own sticks from the local tobacco country side, and the brand was born. The name was influenced by the bravery and strength of the Nepalese soldiers, because they were considered courageous, like the British fighters. This stick became obsolete for a time, and could not be found anywhere. However, when the stick resurfaced, it came out with a “bang”, and held fast to its Indian heritage.

The recent origin of the Gurkha Sampler is from Honduras, and there are a variety of strengths involved in this package. Each one has approximately the same spicy, yet sweet honey note of flavoring, yet with different complex mixtures in each series of sticks. There are a variety of aroma levels as well, but every level is appreciated and enjoyed by smokers world-wide, and the flavors circling about will simply blow you away. Each is the same in a comfortably familiar way, yet very different from one another. This would be a fabulous gift for any novice smoker that would like to taste more than one type of cigar.

When indulging in one of these amazing smokes, you will be rewarded with a unique journey into a swirling mass of smoke that will take you on a cloud to a place of total relaxation. After an extremely busy and extended day at work, it would be nice to come home and enjoy a cocktail and a nice stick from this sampler found in your very own humidor. The sampler package has the light to full wrapper coloring, which means the light is a mild flavor and the dark is considered to be the full-bodied flavor. Whatever your taste buds are craving, you will be sent on a wind of aroma after lighting this awesome rod with your cigar lighter. Next comes the anticipation of the spectrum of flavors, first the spicy hint, then comes the creamy caramel and honey, and depending on what type of stick you have chosen for your moment, the complexity of flavors comes rolling in. You will definitely never be disappointed with one of these gems.

A Gurkha Sampler is an awesome selection for a gift for a special person in your life such as your husband, boss, business partner, or your favorite golfing buddy. Whoever is the lucky recipient, they will be flabbergasted at the awesomeness of this line of sticks.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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