Gurkha Cellar Reserve CigarThere is more to the Gurkha Cellar Reserve cigars than the elaborate banding and packaging. Sure, reviewers truly enjoy the new banding and packaging that is similar to a wine label, but a band is just a band without the excellence revealed with the finest aged tobaccos contained beneath that band. These stogies are exceptionally packaged and manufactured, but what else would a smoker expect from a leader in the industry?

The fine Dominican tobaccos have been aged a minimum of 15 years for the filler. The binder is the finest in Dominican Olor tobaccos, and the wrapper is a 1998 Criollo. This is a manufacturer that has earned a reputation for fabulous blends of tobaccos, and this stogie definitely deserves the attention. In addition, the vitolas available target an audience that prefers a ring gauge that is a little larger than the norm.

Popular vitolas include: the Perfecto at 4 by 58, the Double Robusto at 5 by 58, the Gran Rothchild at 6 by 58, the Churchill at 7 by 54, and the XO at 6 by 60. The vitolas appeal to a specific target audience that really likes to feel that stick rolling comfortably between the fingers. Gurkha Cellar Reserve cigars are premium sticks that are turning the heads of aficionado everywhere.

The initial pre-light aromas are said to include a classic peppery spice with hints of strong cedar earth tones. The stogie cuts cleanly and brings those cedar and earthy tones to life. Reviewers have had plenty to say about how nice the pre-light experience was, and they all looked forward to lighting it up and taking the first draw.

The sweet cedar and spice combo are exceptionally powerful at the beginning of the first third, but by the second third, a nice citrusy flavor has begun to emerge. The citrus has been noted as being a bit more sour than sweet, more akin to a grapefruit than an orange. Of course, the second third also introduces chocolate tones that continue well into the final third. The final third closely resembles baker’s chocolate and spice melded into a cool, mellow dessert.

These Gurkha Cellar Reserve cigars also have an unforgettable draw and burn. Finding a cool stogie is often difficult with the larger ring gauges. However, these sticks are cool to the touch and even the nub is wonderfully and surprisingly cool. The draw has been noted as being absolutely fabulous with the burn providing a superior experience. The need to relight is minimal and the touchups are few and far between. This stick stays right on track throughout the entire experience.

While many smokers claim that the Gurkha Cellar Reserve cigars are a medium bodied to full bodied stogie, many reviewers stated that the stogies are almost strong enough to be considered full-bodied. The nicotine levels definitely put these stogies in the full bodied category. However, the flavor blend softens the strength of the nicotine flavors, which is why some are categorizing it as a medium bodied offering.

When looking for an exceptional addition to a humidor, Gurkha Cellar Reserve cigars deserve special consideration. This is a manufacturer that understands what a smoker wants, and then delivers it. The dark chocolate spice combined with the slight grapefruit aftertaste make these a must have for any cigar lover. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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