For a taste of history, try Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigars.

Ranging as far back in time as the colonial days of British soldiers smoking these very products named for the famous Gurkha soldiers, to this very day, these particular stogies have certainly stood the test of time. Though the brand has only been owned since 1989, the date of 1887 has long been held as the official birth date of these products, and the company is proud to continue this impressive legacy with this current line.

This stogie certainly does not disappoint, with many reviewers and critics eager to try out this latest iteration. The Habano wrapper beautifully encases the filler and binder, which range from Brazilian, Dominican and Nicaraguan origins. The ornate band adorns the top of the stick. Critics have remarked that the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigars’ appearance seems to be an interesting option for a more distinguished and clean look than some of the products before it. The wrapper itself contains a small number of veins and is on the light side of the oil spectrum, though the overall build has been described as being very sturdy.

The pre-light draw and aroma of the stick, especially from the foot, is filled with minty, earthy and very mildly sweet notes. There is a bit of leather that also seems to become noticeable at this point, though nothing that is overpowering to the other flavors.

The first third of the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigars begin with the same sweet leather that was apparent in the pre-light draw, though it’s now accompanied with come cocoa and earthy tones as well. Critics have remarked at the distinct sweetness in the first third of the burn, rounding out an overall medium-full bodied stogie. The sweetness isn’t overpowering however, with very rich chocolate and barky flavors also coming in to round out the flavor profile. The mint from before also begins to show up, especially in the after taste, and it does well to round out the many directions that the profile seems to be going in.

The second third of the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigars is where reviewers seem to agree that the flavors peak. The smoke production begins to stabilize and the flavors that were present before are quickly overtaken by a new cast of characters. A somewhat traditional tobacco flavoring takes center stage at this point of the burn, with some leather and nutty notes coming in to finish off the profile of the second third. The potency of the flavors has been described as a bit weaker than the previous section as well, though it doesn’t seem to diminish the flavors that do well in complementing one another.

The last third of the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigars really begins to bring tobacco and the nutty flavors from before to the front display, overpowering any subtle flavors that existed before. There may be far less flavors present in the final third of the stick, but it does well in keeping its shape and burn throughout, making it another worthy addition to this lasting line of famous stogies.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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