Griffins Special Edition 2011 CigarThe Griffins Special Edition 2011 cigars are handmade by Davidoff cigars. They are rolled in Geneva, with Dominican and Republican filler leaves. It is said to be very evenly packed. The stogie is highly complex when smoked; the flavors are intense but pleasant. The Griffins Special Edition 2011 cigars feature tastes such as caramel, hot pepper, and toast. This cigar is named after a nightclub that shares the same name in Switzerland. They hand roll each stick to maintain the same expected quality. Described as a shock to many, it contrasts greatly with the usual flavors that Davidoff manufactures. The bolder flavors shook up their milder productions.

The tobacco used in these sticks is grown in the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic. The tobacco leaves are grown carefully by farmers there. However, for the wrapper, they use Ecuadorian leaves. The combination assists in the transitioning of the flavors. Each stick is the same quality, due to the hand rolled feature. The company does this utilizing the same person, guaranteeing the same high quality packing and tightness. Such a technique is rarely done, as most companies utilize rolling machines to produce a larger batch.

Each of the Griffins Special Edition 2011 cigars is wrapped in a sun grown Ecuadorian leaf. The leaf is a medium and leathery brown color, with little to no veins across the surface. The stogie is packed consistently with Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. The stick is rolled in a manner that produces a pre light flavored with toast, caramel, and hot pepper, an intriguing combination to seasoned and inexperienced smokers alike. Many comments have been made about the exactness of the fillings. It is packed so well, they say, that one cannot feel any bulges or lumps. The stogie is of exact proportions, allowing it to produce a fine ash and plenty of smoke.

Upon review of the Griffins Special Edition 2011 cigars, people boasted of the flavors first. It is an innovating change in the tastes available through the smoke. Initially, the stogie starts off with a creamy smoke. It tastes of wood, with caramel and pepper undertones. The tastes are more intense when compared to the company’s usual cigars. The pepper gradually dies down, though it does not disappear until the final third. In the first third, it mixes with a buttery toast and sweet tea taste. The sweet tea often comes as a shock, though it is a welcome change of pace. About halfway through, one reported the change to a medium to full bodied stogie of wooden flavorings. In the final third, once the red pepper dissipates, a smooth vanilla flavor seeps through. A creamy smoke follows with caramel, chocolate, and tea. The stogie seems to be complex with many layers of transitions, each one blending into the next one effortlessly.

The Griffins Special Edition 2011 cigars are hand rolled and wrapped in Ecuadorian leaves and packed with Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. The stogie creates multiple layers of flavors, changing, and intermixing throughout the stogie making it an enjoyable experience for all levels of enthusiasts.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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