Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats The Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats are produced by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company. Carlos (Carlito) Fuente, Jr. worked together with Stanford Newman before his death to create this special blend. A portion of each sale is donated to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund that helps provide necessary financial aid and other assistance to retired NFL players, many of whom are lacking pension benefits or disability coverage. There is a dollar donation made for each Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats cigar sold. Other bills related to life’s necessities, such as housing and food expenses have also been paid by the fund.

The fund was created after NFL hall-of-famer, Jerry Kramer, had his championship ring stolen. He had a replica created and later found his original being sold at online auction. When the auction company returned his ring, he sent them his replica to auction in its stead. The money generated from that auction was the beginning of the fund. Mike Ditka, Marv Levy and Jimmy Johnson are current members of the fund’s board of directors.

Only 700 boxes of these smokes were made—14,000 in total. So finding one often takes perseverance and a bit of luck. One might want to try asking at a cigar shop if they carry Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats. Because of their scarcity, a better way to find them would be visiting a favorite online store and failing that, instituting an online search. The quality and rarity of these premium cigars make them a perfect choice for such a good cause.

Asking someone about the Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats might yield the response that these hand rolled cigars are all 7 x 48 and released in 2006 with golden tinted Cameroon wrappers, and an extraordinary blend of tobaccos. The blend is of reserved Dominican tobaccos and traditional Diamond Crown ones. Bobby and Eric Newman, who have three generations of expert cigar making behind them, released these cigars in 2009.

This same rare aged tobacco was put to use in the Standford’s 90th Maximus. The Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats have been described as being a medium bodied option that has aged binder and filler. Unlighted the delicious aromas have been describes as those of cedar, maple, and butter, as well as having chocolate and leathery flavors. The foot, once lighted, tickled the nostrils with notes of hickory and cedar, among others. A wonderfully long and lingering burn was described by one cigar smoking aficionado who documented the three inches remained after an entire hour of smoking. The ash was described as a dappled salt and pepper that was predominantly white, with bands of ringing. Usually it’s three strikes and you’re out, but in this case it’s a triple crown winner: the creamy goodness of these full strength and medium to full bodied smokes makes them extraordinarily full flavored as well.

It is not often one can support a worthwhile effort while indulging in such a great smoke, but these wonderful cigars are sinfully good on all levels! Even a well-stocked humidor can seem empty without at least one of these.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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