The Roma Craft Aquitaine_cigar.JPGThe RoMa Craft Aquitaine cigar is one of three blends produced by the well-respected brand. The company is a collaborative effort between Michael Rosales and Skip Martin, both experienced figures in the industry. The company’s first blend, the CroMagnon, was a huge success and landed on several best of lists the year of its release. Since then, the brand has followed up with two more blends, each receiving rave reviews from aficionados.


The RoMa Craft Aquitaine cigar actually uses the same binder and fillers that the CroMagnon does, preserving much of the signature blend’s excellent flavor. However, instead of the U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro found in the CroMagnon, this stick comes with an Ecuadorian Habano Ligero. The binder is from Cameroon and the fillers consist of Esteli, Condega and Pueblo Nuevo tobaccos.


Rosales and Martin prefer to keep their stogies' presentations simple, not glitzy,  and this stick is no different. The medium brown wrapper has a little veining, but its seams are invisible. There is no band on the stick. It comes in five vitolas, including Knuckle Dragger (4 x 52), Mandible (4 1/2 x 60), EMH (5 x 56), Anthropology (5 3/4 x 46) and Cranium (6 x 54). The pre-light aromas consist of wood and cedar.


The first third of the RoMa Craft Aquitaine cigar is said to start off with the wood and cedar notes detected on the pre-light draw. This only holds on for a couple minutes, because floral notes quickly join the profile and fill out the background. Reviewers also detected some pepper spice that quickly joins the floral flavors in a secondary role. Before the first third is done, the floral and pepper flavors become the dominant pair and leave the wood and cedar in the background.


During the second third of the stogie, some sweet tobacco flavors emerge and join the pepper in the foreground. The floral taste fades some and becomes secondary during this part of the stogie. Shortly into the second third, the ligero asserts itself and is brought out by the pepper and tobacco notes. Before the second third is out, some of the wood flavors return and take on an oak taste. Aficionados found that the oak taste balanced well with the pepper. Just before the end of the second third, the tobacco flavor joins the floral notes in the background.


During the final third of the RoMa Craft Aquitaine cigar, the floral and tobacco notes are joined by a mesquite flavor in the background. The pepper and oak notes start off in control of the final third and maintain that hold until the nub. The stogie finishes off smooth and the nub is cool to the touch.


Rosales and Martin put a major focus on their sticks’ construction, so the burn and draw in the RoMa Craft Aquitaine cigar both grade out as excellent. It’s also one of those stogies that develops as it progresses, starting out at medium and ending at full in body and strength. The flavors start out fairly basic, but become highly complex early on into the smoke.


Rosales and Martin are getting a lot of praise for their single-minded dedication to crafting quality sticks. If this blend is any indication, the praise is well-deserved.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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