An EP Carillo E Stunner cigar does justice to its name with a bold and flavorful profile.

Great Cigars Like EP Carrillo E Stunner Begin with Expertise and an Idea


The 2013 release of this robust cigar brought something new to the table for the EPC Cigar Company. Master producer Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Jr. hoped to give smokers a stogie that was bold and flavorful. From the deep brown wrapper to the perfect blend of tobaccos within, this full bodiedcigar is a journey to be taken.


The craft of creating unique smokes can be followed back to Ernesto's grandfather in Cuba during the early 1900's. Years later the family moved from Cuba to Miami where their high quality lines were born. The business continued until Ernesto himself started his own brand. With the help of his children, Ernie and Lissette, the company took off. Their goal was to build a distinctive boutique brand of high quality and reliability that would withstand the test of time.


Debuted at the annual IPCPR Convention and Trade Show, the EP Carrillo E Stunner cigar, according to Ernesto, was inspired by the simple, yet popular energy drink concept. Its strength and flavor represent that idea as it has been described as both robust and aggressive.


Those lucky enough to come across this Dominican Republic stick are impressed by its sophisticated exterior. Its Sumatran wrapper is a blend of brown tones and sports an artistic band with the outline of a bull and hints of red. It is said to feel firmly packed in the hand. The pre-lit scent is said to give off a combination of woodsy rawhide, spice, and sweetness.


An EP Carrillo E Stunner Cigar Lives Up to Its Appearance & Name


Upon firing up, the flavorful journey begins immediately. The first third of this stick is described by reviewers as a well balanced mix of sweetness, spice, leather, and freshly cut lumber. The scent is peppery with rawhide undertones. The pale grey ash stands firm while the smoke is plentiful. Approaching the midpoint, the blend of sugar and spice is at the forefront with hints of fresh cedar, nuts, and sweetened tobacco are evident as well. The burn is said to be ideal.


In the final third the spicy pepper flavor intensifies, whereas the sweet and woodsy undertones remain. A brief hint of earthiness is sometimes detected. The steady burn continues throughout while the ash hangs tight until tapped. The overall smoke is powerful and satisfying; a worthy addition to any humidor.


The EP Carrillo E Stunner cigar is produced in three distinct sizes, the Brahman at 5 1/2" x 54, the Corriente at 4" x 46, and the Siboney at 5" x 50. It is distributed in boxes of two dozen and has a reasonable price tag per stick in the $5 to $8 range.


From the fine tobacco used to the family's passion for blending one-of-a-kind smokes, the success of this line comes as no surprise to reviewers. This is just one more example of the quality Ernesto is justly famous for.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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