Grand Marnier Original Cigars are visually handsome with a draw that is very firm. Still owned by the Marnier Lapostolle family, this cigar was successfully flavor infused with the essence of cognac, and aromatically seasoned with orange petals to distinguish it from every other stick across the world.

This vibrant blend makes smoking the Grand Marnier Original Cigars a fabulous experience, and one worthy of the legend of Grand Marnier. Once cut with your handy cigar cutter, and before the igniting takes place, the Grand Marnier Original Cigar first tastes like fresh hay, with a nutty background. Brimming with the nuance of cognac and orange liqueur, the flavors burst forth and makes this stogie one of the most unique and sought after. Cigar enthusiasts all around the world know that it is not only perfect for a novice smoker, but it is just as suited for the more experienced one.

This particular cigar has been an image of Joie de Vivre for almost 150 years. Not yielding to compromise in structure or its timeless taste, it is still the breathtaking smoke that captures veteran aficionados today. The handmade and skillfully created Dominican stogie is realms above any other, with the vibrant, harmonious blending of the quality cognac and effervescent orange petals. It is absolutely perfect to have with an evening cocktail, or to just enjoy with your friends and business partners. The Grand Marnier Original Cigar, with its mild, yet complex strength, is a favorite indeed among all types of smokers. The journey when smoking this awesome stogie is one of sheer magnificence.

This quaint smoke is also a great gift giving idea for a cigar smoking buddy or close friend, put together in a gift basket with other essential accessories adds to the appeal. Adding in a lighter or torch, a cigar tube, or a humidor, as well as dozens of other accessories makes it the perfect present for an aficionado. Search online at your favorite cigar shop to find that there are endless possibilities for gift giving ideas, and don’t be surprised if you find some ideas for yourself as well. Many women today find that relaxing with a stogie is just as pleasurable an experience as the men do. So don’t forget, when gift giving, include those important business women and female acquaintances as well. Grand Marnier Original Cigars make people feel important because of their quality and quaintness, a present that will never be forgotten, and one that will surely be unmatched.

Take the time to sit back and enjoy the day with one of these truly amazing cigars. Stroll through the billows of aromatic smoke and let your mind wander through to the other side, where relaxation patiently awaits you. The passage that opens through the aroma of cognac and orange petals will breeze through your mind and take all your issues in life to the place where you won't have to worry or contemplate them, giving you the breather you need to earnestly seek refuge.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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