Grand Marnier Cigars OnlineThe luxurious tastes of Grand Marnier cigars are blended in a beautiful, handmade Corojo wrapper, filled with awesome Dominican tobacco leaves. The aromatic flavors of this stick are personified by this legendary taste, and are the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing evening with those closest to you. It is delicately blended and is one of the most elegant sticks to smoke. In fact, the Grand Marnier cigar is one of the most prominent in shops all around the world, as well as in many online cigar shops.

The legend of Grand Marnier cigars begins with Grand Marnier liqueur. While this stick has never come in contact with any liqueur, the company was able to impart the amazing aroma and flavor of the liqueur to heighten the smoking journey of the stogie, which many aficionados have come to love. This liqueur was premiered in the late 1800's by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle. It is a magnificent liqueur that is a fine blend of some of the most elegant cognacs and aromatic seasonings of tropical oranges. The processing of these amazing liqueurs requires giving them time to age slowly in French oak casts. Ted's Cigars and Marnier Lapostolle launched the premier of the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge flavored cigar in 2010. They were an astounding and instant success.

The taste of these special Grand Marnier cigars has herbal characteristics with notes of nuts and fresh hay after igniting. The impeccable draw of the smashing stick shows a medium gray ash that is extremely firm, and a draw that is out of this world. The stogie is light in body, but is totally loved by any and all smokers who appreciate full bodied sticks. The intense flavoring during the second third is awesome, as it has the wonderfully seasoned blend of this world renowned cognac. This is a superb smoke that you will definitely want to keep within your humidor at all times. The stick bursts with the herbal and liqueur flavors throughout the entirety of the smoke, and it is one you will absolutely have to share with your smoking buddies. The orange petal fragrance swirls behind the rich and light flavors of fresh hay, nuts and cognac, bringing you to a place of utter pleasure and ultimate joy. The finish will bombard you with the herbal seasonings, as the slight hue of cognac and blossoming orange petals will give your palate an amazing delight that you will not experience in any other cigar. The finish is one that has never been repeated in any other stogie, it is absolutely magnificent.

The Grand Marnier cigar legacy is impeccable, and the finesse of the smoking experience of this premium stick is much like a fine art in the arena of cigars. The journey into the smoke will be one you will want to have daily, as you travel whatever road life may lead you down. Don't look back, keep pressing in, and enjoy your days of adventure with the most spectacular and unique smoke in the world.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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