Gran Habano Cabinet Series Cigar SaleThe Gran Habano Cabinet series has a beautiful red and silver band that is a noticeable trademark of this particular cigar. The wrapper is a fine one that is corojo and there are no flaws that can be seen on this stogy. The Gran Habano Cabinet series cigar is one journey that many aficionados want to experience again and again. The package is even and has the typical box spring to it. The foot note is that is that of sweet tobacco with a cedar undertone, but just wait—the entire trip is going to be a wild ride once this fine cigar is lit.

The pre-draw of this series of cigars is extremely interesting because the notes are similar to caraway seed, which are the seeds used in rye bread. After igniting with the torch lighter of choice, the Gran Habano Cabinet series there are some enlivening notes of white pepper blended with leather while the flavor of caraway seeds remains in the background. The second third introduces some intense floral notes as cinnamon and raisin hues with a touch of cumin begin dancing in the background just waiting to be noticed. There is also an occasional wisp of toffee that seems almost magical on the palate. Cream, cinnamon, and toffee combine to make the final third of the smoke utterly delectable, while the leather taste reappears in the final puff of this mouth-watering cigar. What is amazing is that throughout this excursion, the flavorful notes are so inviting and invigorating that even serious cigar smokers cannot seem to put the stogy down. Forget about needing cigar ashtrays because this awesome stick is usually smoked to a nub. The retrohale is said to be exciting with floral notes tiptoeing around fruity notes. During the final finish, the smoke retains its mild to medium full-bodied taste—one that has many cigar smokers reeling in enjoyment!

The draw is one of the best in the reviews and the burn line is said to be straight for the majority of smokers. The ash is a faint shade of gray throughout and a little flaky but holds very well during the entirety of the smoke. The Gran Habano Cabinet series is an exquisite stogy to share with friends and co-workers as well as one to enjoy in solitude after a long day at work. Great to bring out at special occasions and a great gift idea for a partner in crime! Give one of your cigar smoking buddies the Gran Habano Cabinet series and watch their astonishment turn into pure joy, especially when it is packaged in an attractive cigar gift basket with an assortment of the sticks, cigar cutters, or other great cigar accessories!

These flavor extravaganzas are very popular because their blend of flavors and aromas are so intense and magnificent they maintain the suspense as to what is next! Aficionados who really enjoy full flavored cigars should go to a favorite online cigar shop right now and load up the humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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