The Gran Habano No 5 Blend Best Cigar DealThe Gran Habano #5 has been described as the strongest blend amongst Don Guillermo Rico’s unique Gran Habano line of premium cigars. In 2003, he created this collection of superior blends within his fairly new cigar production firm GR Tabaqueras Unidas. Operating out of Danli, Honduras the business has been flourishing right from the start. The Gran Habano #5 is no exception to the superiority associated with the man and his brand.

Don Guillermo Rico is a third generation tobacco farmer and cigar creator. Growing up with fine examples of work ethics along with a deep education in the particulars of the industry helped him to achieve success throughout his journey. From his beginnings as a tobacco salesman to the acquisition of numerous tobacco farms he continuously makes his mark in the cigar world. Those tobacco farms in Nicaragua, Columbia, Panama, and Costa Rica have truly set him apart from the competition, allowing him to create blends like no other.

The Gran Habano #5 is said to mirror the diversity seen in Guillermo Rico’s tobacco inventory. This medium to full bodied cigar is comprised of a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and binder while the filler is a perfect blend of Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Costa Rican long leaf tobacco. Just as with the rest of the line, this blend is available in a wide range of vitolas including the Churchill, Pyramid, Gran Robusto, Gran Corona, Rothchild, Lancero, Robusto, Lunch Break, Imperiales, and the Triumph. With this extensive variety, there is sure to be a size for every preference level.

This cigar is described as a nicely constructed piece with a dark red and brown toned wrapper. It is firmly packed with minimal veins present throughout its skin. The cigar is topped off with a triple cap and when cut with your favorite cigar cutter it opens up effortlessly with an even result. The pre-lit Gran Habano #5 gives off a sweet and spicy aroma that ropes you into wanting more. Once lit, this smoke is said to burn nice and even at just the right rate. It produces an ideal amount of smoke with each puff from start to finish. The ash is said to be pale on the grey spectrum and held firm for a majority of the draw.

The flavor is just as full and strong as the stogie’s appearance and performance. The first act brings bursts of peppery spice with woodsy notes blended in. As the smoke continues, hints of sweetness emerge. During the second third the peppery taste lingers while additional sweet cocoa undertones and natural spices are said to blend in flawlessly. In the final third the spicy flavor increases once again while subtle sugar and slight almond undertones compliment it wonderfully.

The Gran Habano #5 is not harsh in flavor and provides the smoker with a well balanced and satisfying smoke. While the blend is not overpowering, the strength of this cigar may best fit the palate of a seasoned cigar smoking aficionado. Although, a novice may find a milder ring size of this fine cigar a better purchase for his humidor.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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