Discount Gran Habano #1Don Guillermo created the Gran Habano #1 with the same dedication and rich family tradition that he channeled for each of his cigar masterpieces. As a third generation cigar maker, he exemplifies the extensive knowledge and experience he acquired over the years from his talented roots and own hands on opportunities. The Gran Habano #1 is a sterling example of the high quality and consistency that Guillermo strives to achieve in each line he produces.

From the years he sold tobacco leaves in Florida to the cigar factory and tobacco farms he established himself, it is not surprising that his cigars come with such unique blends. Introduced in 2003, the Gran Habano #1 cigar is a prime example of this with its Nicaraguan long-filler, Nicaraguan binder, and Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The flawless pale brown wrapper is smooth in the hand and sports not just one, but two eye-catching bands. The first band presents the Gran Habano cigar logo in a simple color scheme of red, gold, and white. The second band found directly underneath the first announces the Connecticut #1 name in a simple, yet sophisticated font. The cigar sports a pristine triple cap to top it all off.

This smoke is described as a mild to medium bodied cigar and is available in a wide range of sizes that include the Churchill, Pyramid, Robusto, Gran Robusto, Gran Corona, Rothchild, Lancero, Lunch Break, and Imperiales. With so many options available, it is a perfect choice for everyone from the cigar smoking rookie to the serious cigar aficionado.

Reviewers have found the Gran Habano #1 to be a solid cigar from beginning to end. Prior to lighting up, this cigar appears to be firmly packed and gives off an enticing aroma of sweetness and fresh wood chips. It cuts easily with a favorite cigar cutter while lighting it up is effortless and even right from the start. As the journey begins, the first third is ruled by an intense sweet flavor that is said to not be too overpowering. As the burn continues, the second third brings a decrease in sweetness with a mild spiciness being introduced. The balance of the two distinct tastes keeps the full flavor progressing into the final third. The finale has been described as pleasant and creamy as it carries on the subtle flavors previously introduced with woodsy undertones coming through as well. The flavors are consistent with the perfect intensity throughout. This smooth stogie has an even burn from start to finish with no need to re-light or touch-up at any point during the smoke. The ash was said to be medium to long and held strong all the way through. All in all, it is a relaxing and satisfying journey to embark on.

These cigars are rather affordable and are available in boxes of 20, making them perfect for gift giving or sharing among friends at home or on the golf course. If you find yourself fortunate enough to have a Gran Habano #1 in your humidor you won’t be disappointed. This high quality smoke is an amazing blend of Don Guillermo’s professional vision and the superb tobacco leaves he has acquired in various international locales. Any well stocked online cigar shop can set you up with a box of your very own to sit back and enjoy.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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