Buy God Of Fire Don Carlos Cigars God of Fire Don Carlos cigars are definitely for you if you are a Fuente aficionado. Produced only once each year, these fine cigars are very hard to find. God of Fire Don Carlos cigars are offered in 3 various sizes and they are also offered in two different blends. No matter which one you choose you are sure to be pleasantly surprised and flavorfully pleased.

If you are familiar with the original Don Carlos line then you will see that these popular smokes have a flavor all of their own. Many cigar smoking reviewers think that it is the wrapper is what makes the difference because it is an Ecuadorian wrapper. Whatever the reason may be, the complexity is present and the flavor is wonderful. You will find this to be a smooth yet full-bodied offering.

Many aficionados say that the Carlito blend is much stronger than the Carlos blend. This could be because it is made with fillers from the Dominican Republic. When you add in the unique flavor of the Cameroon wrapper, the result is a smoke that is full of spice to complement its full-bodied delivery.

The construction offers a nice wrapper that had more petite veins and featured just a few varied colored areas. The smell the wrapper exudes is an earthy note favored by many. When first lit, the draw is that of a very good tobacco taste that hinges on the edge of sweetness. The God of Fire Don Carlos cigar is packed well and because of this, you will likely not find any softness or hardness throughout the body of the cigar. The ash is said to extend out to about an inch and reviewers have indicated that there were no corrections necessary to be made to the burn.

Any choice that you make from the Fuentes’ line is sure to be consistent. The consistency of their cigars is something that the family takes great pride in and also what has earned them the fine reputation that they enjoy. The quality and workmanship, craftsmanship and dedication given to these cigars surely come through whenever you purchase a God of Fire cigar.

Reviews are completely favorable towards this smoke. The only problem reported is the fact that due to the limited production of the cigars, they are incredibly hard to find. The production is limited because they are hand rolled by the most experienced cigar rollers and the attention is paid to making sure the quality and consistency is present with each cigar without worrying about the quantity that might be available to be offered to the public. Others said that this was only to be a once in a while treat merely because of the price of the cigars but even these budget minded people went on to proclaim that these sticks are well worth every penny and then some.

If you are lucky enough to find these wonderfully flavorful cigars, you will be sure to enjoy a blend that is nothing like you have experienced beforehand. Be sure to visit our cigar store and order at least of couple of these premium cigars for your humidor.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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