God Of Fire Carlito CigarsA Fuente father and son team came up with the individual blends that combine to make the God of Fire cigar line. Carlito Fuente’s blend is responsible for the God of Fire Carlito cigar. While all of the cigars in this line are meant to be experienced as medium-bodied offerings, one of the major differences between the Don Carlos and the Carlito in the God of Fire line is the wrapper. While Carlos, who is known as Don Carlos, presents a product that sports an Ecuadorian wrapper, Carlito presents the God of Fire Carlito cigars in a Cameroon wrapper.

Whether you are enjoying a God of Fire Carlito cigar in the form of a Double Robusto 2007 or a Piramide 2007, you are sure to be in for a treat for your palate and your cigar smoking friends will thank you when you offer them either of these from your humidor. On one hand the Double Robusto 2007 will envelope your taste buds with the warm taste of buttered bread with an intense but not harsh flavorful note. On the other hand, the Piramid 2007 will deliver a delightful green tea flavor. If you partake of the Robusto, you will find that the earth like flavor towards the end of the cigar resembles the smoky flavor of a blended scotch. The Piramid however is a one of the mildest of the Carlito line and is described as having a cool flavor throughout.

Also available in the God of Fire Carlito cigar line are the Churchill 2007 and the Double Corona 2007. These smokes are both wonderful in unique and different ways. The Churchill definitely packs the most punch as far as flavor goes when being compared to the rest of the cigars in this line. It has a very light aroma that reminds you of grilling outdoors on a breezy summer day. For this reason, it is comparable to the herbal tastes you will find in the Piramid 2007. The Double Corona is the biggest in the line. This offering gives way to very earthy tastes reminiscent of the forest. The oily wrapper adds to the experience as you continue to smoke the Double Corona.

All of the Carlito cigars are tightly wrapped without many veins. The Cameroon wrapper gives the cigar its light brown coloration and the oiliness of the wrapper continues to deliver bolts of flavor throughout the duration of the smoke. One reviewer suggested that you enjoy these cigars with only a bottle of water so that you do not miss any of the subtle and not so subtle hints of flavor throughout these cigars.

No matter which of these fine God of Fire Carlito cigars you decide to add to your rotation, you are sure to be pleased with them. Our online cigar store is a convenient way to try these fine cigars without leaving the comforts of home. If you allow these smokes to age in your humidor, the flavor will likely continue to peak and you will have a memorable cigar to look forward to at the end of the day or any time that the mood strikes you to enjoy a fine Fuente cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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