G.A.R. White Label by George A. Rico

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo       Binder: Connecticut (Ecuador)

Filler: Nicaraguan Long-fillers      Strength: Full-bodied

Flavor: Full          Handmade


 The G.A.R. White cigar is the initial release from George A. Rico, a master blender known for working on Gran Habano cigars such as the 3 Siglos series at his family’s small factory in Danli, Honduras. This cigar is also Rico’s first box-pressed stick.

At first glance, the G.A.R. is a deep rich, oily brown cigar with a tinge of auburn—just what you’d expect from an Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper.  With its location at the foot of the cigar, the band captures your attention with almost military-style black stenciled lettering on it, combined with a crest of some kind on the back, also in black. Pre-light, the G.A.R.’s wrapper has a very slight semi-sweet cedar smell, and the foot has an aroma of floral accents with just a hint of cumin.

Though described on the Gran Habano site as “rich with roasted coffee flavors supported by a creamy core of tasty tobacco flavors,” upon lighting the first draw produces a cloud of flavorful smoke with a sweet maple taste. The subtle floral notes continue in tandem with the sweetness that morphs into more of a toffee or caramel flavor through the first third of the cigar as the G.A.R. White Label settles into its characteristic smooth creaminess.  A bit of piquant spice with hints of cedar comes forth and tarries with the pleasant aroma of the G.A.R. White Label cigar.

It isn’t until the end of the second third that this cigar really comes into its full strength. As the sweetness lessens, the toffee becomes inundated with the familiar flavors of cedar and leather, though the faint floral tones remain as the full-bodied splendor becomes evident with a slight roil of the stomach and an exhilarating head rush.

Finally, it is in the third section that the familiar cedar and leathery notes become ascendant, although the tinge of spiciness has become more of a faint flavor of ginger and pears which hangs on until a finish unmarred by harshness or bitterness of any kind.

The G.A.R. continues to release a cloud of smoke, potent, yet sweet and aromatic, even while resting. Like other box-pressed cigars, the ash isn’t particularly strong. Though the burn has been phenomenal through the first two thirds of the cigar, it was marred twice in the final stretch, necessitating two relights.

The G.A.R. White Label suitably impresses; George Rico has maintained his reputation as a premiere third generation tobacconist with this initial release. The medium-bodied sweet flavor that gradually strengthens into the strong full-bodied flavors as the smoke continues smooth and creamy really serves to make the strength of this cigar a little deceptive. The G.A.R. is not for the unprepared beginner, the early morning, nor an empty stomach.

Also of note, the G.A.R. White Label produces a gargantuan blow—the smoke billows out a mountainous cloud just resting in the ashtray, and gives you a vast mouthful with each pull! When all is said and smoked, George A. Rico has entered the fray with a fine cigar when he released the G.A.R. White Label--enough so as to make his next release an anticipated pleasure.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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