GAR CigarsThe unique name of G.A.R. is based upon the owner of GAR cigars, George A. Rico.  Not only is this a name based on his initials, but it is something of a play on words as well, being the nickname (gar) that many aficionados give to all cigars in general.  

The story behind G.A.R. cigars is a remarkable story.  Don Guillermo Rico has always been known to be a very patient man.  Being a third generation tobacco maker, his family’s accomplishments go all the way back to the 1920s, where they become highly respected for the high quality, dark tobacco they produced.  Don Guillermo himself is a highly respected man for his attention to detail and his commitment to excellence.  He grew up rolling cigars at home, and in 1995, he moved to the United States, where he began working as a cabinet maker making cigar boxes.  When the boom in the cigar market occurred afterwards, Don Guillermo Rico founded his own cigar company. 

George A. Rico, his 29 year old son, worked with his father for 9 years.  After that, he decided to found his own cigar company, G.A.R. Cigars.  While many expected this to produce a rivalry, quite the opposite proved to be the case.  Don Guillermo has been nothing but proud of his son ever since, going even so far as to promote his son’s new company.

In terms of flavor, GAR cigars are already making their mark as a unique and formidable blend of spice and a taste of pepper.  The great thing about them is, the taste is enough but never too much.  This cigar quickly mellows into a very nice, creamy smoke.  It conveys with it hints of sweetness and spice throughout.  As you progress toward the last third, there is also a very mild, toasty flavor as well that adds to the complexity of this expertly blended cigar.   

You can also expect a notable taste of Earth, and a definitive taste of well-rounded, aged oak and sweet cedar flavor.  All of these flavors come together and come alive in the last third, making the finish on a G.A.R. cigar a true cigar moment in time.

G.A.R. cigars are extremely well made.  Most reviews say they have a near-perfect burn, which makes the draw absolutely fantastic as you puff away.  There is a nice firm ash as well, but it never holds for more than ¾ inches.  Some people have reported it takes up to an hour to smoke one of these cigars and still have as much as two inches remaining. 

There are currently three lines of G.A.R. cigars.


This medium-to-full-bodied cigar is carefully hand-made with Ecuadorian Corojo wrappers and a mix of vintage Nicaraguan long-fillers.  It provides a rich smoke that has distinct tastes of roasted coffee and a creamy core of tasty tobacco flavors.

G.A.R. Lux

This is a full-bodied Nicaraguan and Dominican cigar gives you all the bold flavors of Nicaraguan tobacco and the full flavor of Dominican ligero.  It is kept within a Cameroon binder and an oily Nicaraguan wrapper. 

G.A.R. Vanguard

This medium-to-full-bodied G.A.R. cigar has a full flavored Nicaraguan Puro.  It also has a beautiful, vintage Nicaraguan wrapper grown in the Jalapa valley.  Its distinctively sweet, tangy flavor carries with it rich, dark chocolate tones. 

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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