Today, Arturo Fuente is seen as the epitome of class. They Opus X line is more popular than ever and has seen several new limited additions, while they have also partnered with several high end accessory companies to make some top of the line, limited cutters and lighters. However, before the flash of the Opus X, Fuente was still making one of the highest rated and most sought after cigars in the world. Before the Opus X, there was a cigar that people spoke about in rumors, maybe they had seen one once at a small shop, but they could never get their hands on one. This cigar bore the name of the patron of the company, the legendary Don Carlos.

 While the Don Carlos is more available today and has spawned some award winning limited series such as the Eye of the Shark, the original release was just as coveted and loved as the Opus X. This Dominican cigar combined both power and subtlety. It used aged Dominican tobaccos in the filler and binder followed by a truly flawless Cameroon wrapper. It is bursting with dashes of spice, pepper, cream leather and a nutty undertone that is unparalleled.

 To some, the Don Carlos is viewed as the ultimate Fuente cigar. Before the hype of the Opus X and the extensive limited editions, it was the Don Carlos that defined the Fuente brand, and to some extent still does. It combines the finest tobaccos with true craftsmanship and a signature style. Pick up your Box of the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos today at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Dec 17, 2018


@Michael Riviera

I enjoy smoking the Don Carlos #2 periodically. I enjoy the light pepper and creamy taste of the cigar. Outstanding cigar especially with a little bourbon.

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