Fragarance Lampe Best Lampe BergerA fragrance lampe is a great way to fill the home with all kinds of smells. There are several products that are available to cover or get rid of odors and each one has its good and bad qualities. This particular product was made popular in the 1800’s in France. That makes perfect sense considering that France is the home of perfume. There are two models of these to choose from. The original kind will need to be lit to get it started, and the more modern kind is electric. There are a growing number of scents available. They have the kind that have a perfume type aroma and then they have some that smell like food or a favorite thing like the smell of leather.

The first patent for this catalytic fragrance lampe was made it 1897 by a Frenchman named Maurice Berger. He started his own company called Lampe Berger. It is still around today and is the world’s oldest company that produces them. Needless to say, the term “lampe” originated from the French language. No matter how it is spelled, the fact remains that it is a great way to make any room smell very pleasant. Although most people use a fragrance lampe as a household item, its origins come from hospitals and mortuaries because of its ability to disinfect and purify the air. For this reason, they are also ideal to use in households with pets or where cigar smoking is a hobby.

It has a simple design that has proven itself throughout the years. A wick is attached to a stone that heats up the oil which releases the sweet smells all through your house. The only maintenance you have to do is keep the oils filled up. The wick does have to ignited at first, but after the stone heats up to a sufficient temperature the flame goes out and the heat from the stone will do the rest of the work. This makes it considerably safer than candles. Candles do provide a nice glow and can have some great aromas, but it still utilizes an open flame which can be a risk to one’s family and home. Candles are a common cause of many house fires today.

Luxury fragrance lampes have many advantages over the competition. As mentioned above, it is considered flameless because a flame only burns for a short period of time and then it extinguishes itself. That makes it safer for the whole family. The aroma does not fade away after so long the way candles and potpourri do. Aerosol cans fix the problem as long as you are standing directly within the area you sprayed, and they do not eliminate odors either, but just cover them up. Keep one of these effusion lamps filled and it will last forever. Plus, there is no worry about getting any spray in the mouth or eyes when spraying it into the air.

During the holidays the delicious smells of homemade pumpkin pie or gingerbread cookies can fill the air without actually having to cook anything. An effusion fragrance lampe provides hundreds of choices when it comes to scents. So whatever your preference, be sure to look for the largest selection at an online cigar shop—for obvious reasons.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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