Finding Foundry War Of Currents Cigar Sale OnlinePart mad scientists, part revolutionaries, the makers of the Foundry War of Currents cigar are intent on invigorating the stogie world. They harken to the struggle between creativity and conventionality, innovation and institution, or modernization and tradition. Influenced by the art of steampunk – a realm of anachronistic technologies, steam powered engines, and the futuristic past – their latest offering was inspired by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison’s battle for supremacy in the world of electricity.

Foundry is the creation of Michael Giannini, who took an avant-garde approach to blending his cigars. His company does not divulge where they obtain the tobaccos, but will admit they use a blend of five proprietary tobaccos from four different countries outside the traditional Latin American and Caribbean growing regions. The filler and binder tobaccos are aged for three to six years and wrapped in an eight-year-old wrapper developed by General Cigar Company (Foundry’s parent company). There are two unique blends: their full time batches and small batches. Their full-time batches, The Laboratories, are the core line and designated after Edison and Tesla’s labs – Shoreham and West Orange, respectively. Their small batches, The Inventions, are a limited edition production line and named after some of Edison and Tesla’s machines that are more notorious: Auburn, Belgrade, Menlo, and Madison.

The first comment any reviewer makes about a Foundry War of Currents cigar is the box it comes in
. Decorated in a steampunk style, the boxes themselves can be considered art. The Shoreham and West Orange boxes are distinct from each other. The small batches, Inventions, are all imprinted with vintage newspaper clippings sensationalizing some of Edison and Tesla’s infamous battles. Aficionados describe both batches as tight, with minimum veins, invisible seams, and a firm, even pack. The Shoreham and West Orange batch have a rich tobacco and pepper pre-lit aromas. On first draw, the tobacco flavor is slightly bitter but gives way to a sweet caramel note with hints of nut. Although, the smoke starts out as mild, towards the end of the first-third, the body ramps up to a medium. During the second-third, the original pepper flavor reappears with a hint of cream that augments the taste profiles. The caramel, nut and tobacco flavors are still present and they add to the complexity. The last third goes from medium to a full body with a punch of cinnamon flavor added to the creamy nut. Overall, aficionados love the mystery of the blend and how it adds to the entire smoking experience.

For The Inventions small batch line, reviewers stated there was a pleasant mild tobacco pre-lit aroma. On first draw, the tobacco is slightly bitter but becomes mildly sweet with an Earl Grey tea flavor. The first-third goes from tea flavor to strong smoky, woody flavor and medium body. Like The Laboratories, the second-third of The Inventions has an additional creamy flavor that augments the other taste profiles. The woody flavor is still present and there is now a fuller body finish to the stogie. Reviewers describe the second-third as having a long finish that is slightly chewy, but extremely enjoyable. The final third has notes of cedar and nuttiness in addition to the other flavors. Enthusiasts describe this as a solid smoke that is surprising and mysterious, but utterly delectable.

A Foundry War of Currents cigar is an adventure in cigar smoking. The unique blends of mysterious tobaccos combined with the quirky artwork for the boxes make this particular company unconventional and unusual. However, any aficionado that smokes one of their stogies will tell you that they cannot wait to smoke the next one — the experience is both incredible and audacious.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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