Why Are Foundry Elements Cigars Unique?The Foundry Elements cigars are made up of over a dozen blends, each the brainchild of Michael Giannini. A fan of steampunk and unique packaging, both have inspired the look and feel of these stogies. Each blend corresponds to a compound or an element on the periodic table. There is a huge variety between blends, ranging from the Honduran, Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos in Argon to the secretive Maduro-wrapped blend in the Xenon.

Argon, Carbon, Europium, Gold, Helium, Hydrogen, Plutonium, Titanium, Uranium, Vanadium, Xenon and H2O make up the 12 products in the line, though a few products are actually comprised of a couple different blends. In all, there are 18 different blends available, making for a slightly confusing but highly interesting project by Giannini. The Foundry Elements cigars really stand out with their unique packaging, each with a really stand out look that is sure to catch eyes wherever they go. For instance, the Europium blend comes in a package that resembles a leather suitcase while the Plutonium is boxed in a case that looks like a bundle of dynamite. Even the blends with standard cases are adorned with clever artwork that embodies the nature of the substance. While there is some variety in terms of vitola sizes between the blends, most are around a standard Robusto (5 1/2 x 50). The Vanadium (Perfecto) and Xenon (Torpedo) come with a slightly different feel than the rest of the bunch.

In general, the blends are all close to medium bodied and slightly less than medium in strength, though they all express an interesting range of flavors. Cream, earth, leather, fruit and pepper are all common flavors found in most of the blends. For the most part, reviewers found the Foundry Elements cigars to be subtle in how they build their flavors, with most of them taking off in the second half and finishing strong. This slow method of flavor building is in contrast to the brand’s packaging and branding, which is much more forward.

The brand’s two other lines were lauded for their sharp construction and these stogies are no different
. Reviewers found the burn and draw to be good to excellent in all 18 blends, providing a strong combination of performance and taste.

The line’s release details are fairly unusual, as only two of the products, the Carbon and Uranium, will remain after the initial release supplies are exhausted. The Carbon is a punchy blend with exotic spices, and earth and tobacco notes giving the palate a workout. The Uranium is a huge stick with a 7 x 70 format and some powerful pepper and tobacco notes. Also, because there are so many blends in the line, each retailer will only carry a few of the blends at any one time, so finding them at brick and mortars may be tough.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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