Forty Creek Toro Forty Creek Original Cigars is the first of its kind. The innovative John Hall is the creator of the world’s only independently distilled Canadian whiskey, Forty Creek Select Barrel Whiskey. His subsidiary, Ted's Made by Hand has seasoned the world's very first non-chemically infused stick with Canadian Whiskey. The Forty Creek Original cigar is one of the most prevailing cigars around, and its tendrils of taste are electrifying for cigar smokers all over the globe. The blend is an unbeatable culmination of flavors that will excite even the novice smokers.

This stogie is a unique selection of light, medium, and heavy flavorings, and fueled by the unique characteristics of each one. The richness of each aromatic flavor is a process when ignited. The first light draws out the toasty oak, walnut and spice notes. Once the second third hits – the flavors ignite into a smorgasbord of delicious essences, such as the creamy vanilla and smooth honey hues, bringing out an intense apricot zing that electrifies the taste buds. The prestigious and unique flavor comes from only one cigar, and that is the Forty Creek Original cigar.

The majority of experienced smokers keep these babies in their traveling cigar tubes and humidors to maximize the freshness and flavors. Once the journey of flavors is experienced, there is no going back. Novices absolutely love this quaint stick because of the smoothness of flavors when they hit the palate, along with the creaminess of the vanilla infused flavor from the Forty Creek Select Barrel whiskey. The apricot tang is the climax of the entire smoke and leaves you completely breathless and wanting more. The finish is as wonderful as the beginning of the second third when all the flavors blend together with an electrifying boom of explosion that puts your palate into an anticipation mode for more. This is a unique cigar indeed, and one that cannot be reproduced, and one that is the first of its kind, a legend in its own right for sure.

John Hall was a first generation distiller, and his vision is responsible for the creation of this cigar because of his innovation for fine whiskey. This quaint selection process resulted in a grade of whiskey so profound and complex that the flavor had to be infused into a cigar. What would be more perfect than naming it after the very same whiskey that encompassed this brilliant idea, and so came the name for Forty Creek Original Cigars. “A new cigar for a new world whiskey” is a quote from Ted's Made by Hand cigars.

Forty Creek Original cigars make a perfect gift giving idea, especially if they are given in a cigar gift basket along with some nice accessories. There are many opportunities to share these sticks for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or as a promotion. You will certainly be the talk of the town if you give this amazing stogie as a present. Who knows, the gift may be returned to you one day, so give the best and grandest cigar ever made!


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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