The J. Fuego Connoisseur is top of the line according to many.The J Fuego Connoisseur Cigar was officially launched at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association trade show in Las Vegas April 2013. The Connoisseur features a multi-national blend of tobaccos that were allowed to age for six years and come from four nations. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Sumatra, and the binder is a Mexican San Andres Maduro. The filler is a 50/50 blend of Nicaraguan Corojo and Honduran Corojo. This is a full bodied smoke that is normally only found in Cuba.


There are four sizes (or vitolas) available of the J Fuego Connoisseur Cigar line. These are the Original 5 x 44, Corpulant 5 x 60, Gran Robusto 5 x 54, and the Classique 6 x 50. The first number of the vitola indicates the length of the cigar in inches, and the second measurement refers to the diameter.


Reviewers note the mild to moderate veining of the tobacco leaf that comprises the wrapper. Also, the elegant logo with gold trim and a thin band on the exterior cellophane packaging catches the eye of potential buyers. Smokers describe the outstanding burn and output that stays lit throughout the entire experience. They admire the firm ash that holds on for a good two inches before falling off. Smokers agree that the pleasant salty note with touches of spice and full-bodied tobacco flavors is an outstanding reason in explaining why the J Fuego Connoisseur Cigar is a top of the line product.


Another reason this product is so well liked is that the founder of the company, Jesus Fuego, has five generations of experience behind him. Jesus’ family hails from Cuba. However, they migrated to Central America in 1995. Jesus himself spent years growing, blending, and rolling for other companies. In 2006, he was finally able to launch his own business named Tabacos S.A. More recently his company was renamed to the J. Fuego Company. His first offerings were the Natural and Gran Reserva lines.


One reviewer says that this product is a good smoke for after a full meal, due to the strength of the flavors. This man also states that the Connoisseur might be difficult to find, but is definitely worth seeking due to its exceptional quality. Other critics speak of the thick clouds of smoke, the supreme burn of the tobacco, and sensational flavor changes.


Reviews wax nearly poetically about this ninety minute smoke. They note that this blend gives the smoker the ability to relax and appreciate more fully the rich and flavorful smoke. Reviewers also mention the rolling of the smoke, while they advise to not actually inhale from the abundant draw. The pleasure of examining the handiwork of the roll, the heft of the J Fuego Connoisseur Cigar, and the thoughts and feelings of travel when holding the exports and handiwork from four different countries are also mentioned. Undoubtedly, the J Fuego Connoisseur Cigar would be a welcome addition to any enthusiast’s humidor or a fine gift to announce the birth of a child.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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