With an abundance of cigar retailers online, it is now easier than ever to obtain high quality smokes. From the wide selection available to the discounted prices these websites can offer, smokers of all intensities have an effortless means to adding to their humidors inventory. Not only does this shopping experience save time and gas (compared to seeking out a local shop), there are numerous other advantages as well. As with other internet purchases, reputable cigar retailers online are wide spread, yet must be chosen with security and reputation in mind.

While the face-to-face shopping experience may be desirable to some aficionados, the internet does not eliminate the customer service aspect of any sale. A local store provides the buyer with hands on access to a variety of stogies, which may also include a smoking test run to preview the flavors as well as personalized, on-the-spot feedback concerning the products. On the other hand, the cigar retailers that are online have the ability to service aficionados all over the globe. The brands and countries of origin may vary from site to site, yet a higher amount of inventory is usually available without the worries of shop square footage. They may even have cigars not obtainable in a local walk in store. Many will offer samplers to allow a buyer to experience a range of brands and flavors before investing in a box of only one. It eliminates the chance of ending up with smokes that do not fit one’s personal preferences. A substantial benefit to purchasing stogies on the internet is their often reduced prices. These sellers have access to manufacturer overstock and can then pass on the savings to their customers. In addition, many will throw in bonus products such as lighters and cutters to entice people to visit their virtual smoke shop.

Buying stogies from cigar retailers online does not mean that quality and freshness are compromised. Whether international or domestic brands are purchased, reputable companies will ship flavorful and aromatic smokes right to an aficionado’s door. Prices may be competitive between various internet companies, but a lower price should never reduce the product satisfaction for the buyer. Site reviews and feedback can provide prospective clientele with a general glimpse into what can be expected from a particular smoke shop.

Shop reviews alone will not always lead to the most dependable of the cigar retailers online. Aside from complete approval by prior customers, they must guarantee their products and services. To do this they should be offering fresh smokes that have been stored in a proper humidor until shipment takes place. A satisfactory return policy that allows for a full refund is a good indication that the company stands by the quality of their smokes. Their website must be secure and be compliant with all internet regulations and restrictions, including those relative to cigar sales. Furthermore, the ideal internet supplier will be a current member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is important that they have a BBB grade of an A to prove their standing in the online industry. This demonstrates their history of dependability, superior products and service, and their legal compliance.

Whether a novice or a true aficionado, the internet is a safe and effortless means for getting ahold of a favorite stogie. From house blends and domestic brands to limited edition smokes, affordable cigars can be ordered from the comfort of one’s home. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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