cigar online There are several things that make seriouscigars a fantastic online cigar store.   One of these things is selection.  You have an enormous range of choices when it comes to brands and labels when you shop through our inventory.  Here, you can find anything from the very least expansive cigars to the highest level of premium value—all here on one website.

 Many of the most famous brands in the United States, such as Macanudos, Montecristos, and Nat Shermans, are featured in our offerings.  There are many cigar deals and discounts as well that appeal to both new smokers and aficionados alike. 

 Another advantage that our cigar online store offers to smokers is live updating.  Nothing is more frustrating to online shoppers than to try to order something, only to find out after the fact that inventory supplies are depleted.

With our website software, each transaction instantly updates the inventory.   Because we do not have to update our inventory manually, you can browse our cigar online inventory at leisure and know exactly what is available at any given moment in time. 

We tell each and every new client of ours that the most important item that they can ever buy from our cigar online store is a quality humidor.  It is the most important cigar product any smoker can buy.  If you have a poor quality humidor or no humidor at all, please check our selection and find one that is appropriate to your needs.  Also be sure your humidifier itself is in good working order, and if not, see the many options we offer in this arena as well.  

Serious Cigars online sells all types of products and accessories intended o make the lives of both beginning cigar smokers and veteran aficionados truly happy and complete.  Some of the examples of our cigar accessories include containers and cutters, cigar cases and cigar lighters.  We also have many other accessories like cigar coffee mugs, and cigar markers

You can find any cigar online that you want.  Choose from anything from cheap to premium or from mild to full-bodied.  Look for the lowest prices or the most expensive prices.  The choice is yours. 

Buying cigars online offers significant financial advantages to smokers on a budge.  The Internet has revolutionized our industry.  Websites play an increasingly major role in cigar sales with each passing year.  Now, it is easier than ever to buy inexpensive cigars without hassles.  Procurement can also be handled anonymously if you wish. 

There are some things, of course, to consider when buying cigars online.  Always buy from sources that offer discounts and specials that you would otherwise find it difficult to find in brick and mortar store fronts.   For example, on our website, you will notice that we make it a point to carry every major and boutique cigar label and have it conveniently listed for you to browse through and purchase.  Our website is very easy to navigate because we list all the cigar manufacturers alphabetically. 

When you buy certain cigars online, we also have free shipping on a selective basis.  Examples include Arturo Fuente cigars, including all Don Carlos, and Hemingway.


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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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