Call Us Or Email Us To Order This Cigar!Everything is bigger in the south, and the Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition cigar is no different. From the exceptional flavor blend to the quality tobaccos, this is a stogie that is leaving reviewers and critics wanting more. The very limited availability makes this is a true prize for anyone that enjoys this relaxing past time. If the smoker wants to get one of these extraordinary sticks, they will need to catch a plane to the heart of the south, because this stogie is only being released in the state of Texas.Texas Addition Montecristo Cigar

This superior tobacco product is only available in one size, too. The Gordo vitola rings in at 6 by 60, offering the aficionado a stout stick sure to be filled with a lot of flavor. Of course, this is as spectacular as the other fine lines by Montecristo and just as anticipated.

Altadis USA has really hit a high note with the upcoming September 2012 release date. Retailers are in a rush trying to ensure a few for their storefront. Purchasing the Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition cigar may be difficult, but if successful, reviewers are stating that it is well worth the extra effort to get ahold of them.

The wrapper is a popular Ecuadorian Habano tobacco aged and mellowed to perfection. The deep chocolate coloration is gorgeous and the rich smell of tobacco is present upon opening the keepsake box. As is customary with all releases by Altadis, this particular titan is an exceptional addition to the name, offering a flavor and complexity that is as deep and rich as other popular combinations. Nothing but the best has gone into each stick, starting with the Habano wrapper.

The binder and filler are an interesting and unique combination of Dominican Olor and Piloto tobaccos. Carefully grown under the sun in the rich soil found only in the Dominican, each leaf is handpicked and then aged to perfection. Each Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition cigar is fragrant and a medium to full bodied stogie capable of highlighting any evening or after dinner party. The aroma is reported to be medium in strength without being too overwhelming or overbearing. From the first prelight draw to the final puff, these smokes provide ample opportunities for the smoker to appreciate a world class stick.

When it comes to a better construction, the Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition cigar is very well made with a nice solid feel lacking obvious soft spots. The thick white ash is aromatic, making an appealing addition to this fine smoking experience. The veins are mellow and minimal and there is not a lot of toothiness to be found with this offering. This will definitely be a favorite for every level of aficionado looking for a couple of hours to sit back and enjoy a fine stogie.

Is the Montecristo Connoisseur Texas Edition cigar going to be easily obtained? Altadis USA has ensured only a few limited boxes will be released to retailers and only deep in the south. Catch a flight to a preferred retailer, or do some searching via the internet to get a couple of these rare and exclusive cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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