When going through the rolodex of famous cigar personalities, many casual cigar smokers will not recognize the name Craig Cunningham. However, those of you who are true aficionados and are involved the community will know of him straight away. He is the man responsible for Esteban Carreras, a boutique line that has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years. With unique and intriguing names and dynamite blends, Esteban Carreras is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the boutique cigar scene.

 For a smaller company, Esteban Carreras has done a fantastic job of filling their portfolio with a variety of enticing cigars. The Cross Series, as we call it, is one of his more mainstay projects and includes the zesty Black Cross and the smooth and rich Bronze Cross. While all of their cigars of of the highest quality, there are two lines that have become very recognizable and are making their way to cigar stores across the country.

 The Chupacabra really put the company on the map. This Nicaraguan puro took off like a rocket, as did its even more popular sequel, the box pressed Chupacabra Hellcat. In 2017 another new cigar brought the company to even greater heights. The Mr. Brownstone, named for the famed Guns n Roses song, is a bold and beautiful smoke with a dark broadleaf wrapper and aged filler to make it smooth, powerful, and complex.

 As of today, Esteban Carreras is not at the same notoriety level as a RoMa Craft or Tatuaje, however given a few more years and few more explosive releases, I see them being equally popular. Pick up the entire Esteban Carreras line today at Serious Cigars.

POSTED ON Jan 02, 2019


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