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Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigars are a fine box-pressed product that has come off of a line that was commissioned by owner Craig Cunningham. Produced in Estelli, Nicaragua, the Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigar represents the best of Nicaraguan puro lines. Blender A.J. Fernandez can be credited with this superior product that has been on the market since 2009.

A superbly aged Nicaraguan wrapper surrounds a quality binder and fillers that hail from the same country. The smoking piece is beautifully wrapped in a vibrantly colored band. The edge design on the band ornately encircles a silhouette of two griffin-like creatures that are facing each other. Brilliant tints of orange and red seem to glow like embers in a ring around the central attraction on the band. The color and edging focus the eyes on the creatures and the name of the elaborately decorated stogie, which stand out from a background of luminescent yellow. A gold band marks the bottom of the band, while the ring around the top of it resembles a black crown. The band on these smoking delights is as artistic as the crafting that went into making them. The rugged appearance of the stogie is topped off with a rounded cap. As with many box-pressed cigars, a few minor soft spots have been discovered by smokers, which add to the rustic charm.

The Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigars have earned the reputation of having rich, complex flavors. Having aged for ten years, the dark chocolate maduro wrappers of this superb tobacco product are high-quality leaves that add depth to the taste of these smokes. The fillers add to the intensity of the flavor palate. When embarking on the smoke, reviewers report a strong, earthy tone, with elements of dark coffee and hints of black pepper. Nuances of caramel also accompany the initial third. This boldness resonates with many of the reviewers, and leaves them with a favorable first impression. Into the second-third, a pleasant citrus acidity presents itself with a slight sweetness hovering in the background. Some people have noticed that the pepper picks up in intensity during this phase. The toothy, slight aggressiveness of the tastes are pleasing to the palates of reviewers. Leathery attributes become noticeable in the last third, as is a spicy fullness. Some reviewers noticed a slightly nutty tone that joined the palate occasionally throughout the smoke.

The burn line on an Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigar is appreciated by reviewers for its clean edge throughout most to the smoke. As it burns through, a slightly flaky light-gray to white ash emerges from beneath the wrapper to fill-out a satisfying experience. Significant smoke production, with little effort on the draw, is reported by many who have had the pleasure of smoking this tobacco product.

Aficionados enjoy the easy draw of the Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigars. The eye-catching band and rustic appearance foreshadow the earthy, thick experience that reviewers found during the smoke. A beautiful ash accompanies the down-to-earth heartiness of this tobacco product.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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