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The Esteban Carreras connecticut cigar has been ranked as one of the highest quality tobacco products the world has to offer. Each stick is handcrafted and hand rolled by superb artisans. They are produced by La Aurora in Santiago, Dominican Republic. An interesting fact about this stick is that its name comes from the most vocal political opponents of Fidel Castro.

These Esteban Carreras connecticut cigars are made with a light, almond colored Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that has been aged seven years. Many reviews stated that there are some visible veins stretched along the seam of the sticks and that they have a slightly toothier appearance. The filler is a Dominican with the binder being a single spicy ligero leaf of Ecuadorian Sumatra. They have a white and black band that gives the name and beautifully displays the lion logo. The tops are triple capped. The sticks are solidly constructed with little or no soft spots from the head all the way to the foot. These sticks are classified as being light to medium bodied. They come in a beautiful wooden, white box.

Reviewers stated that the pre-draw gave a slight resistance. The flavor to the palate was a simple, earthy tobacco taste with a mild nutty note. Upon first light, the Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigar drew just the right amount of resistance and burns slowly. This stick gave off a fair amount of aromatic smoke, having a slightly creamy feel to it. Some noted that the burn was slightly wavering at first, but evened itself out. The ash held on well, lasting about an inch. The first third of this stick seemed to be mostly earthy and woody. One review described the flavor as also containing a slight cashew taste.

The second third of the Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigar seemed to exhibit very little in the way of complex flavors, keeping to the earthy notes. One review described the smoke as being very mild and a good choice for the novice smoker. It retained some of its woodiness and exhibited more hay flavor throughout this portion of the stick.

The last third brought back that creamy woodiness and finished off with a nice hint of nutty spice. Reviewers across the board felt this would be a nice, mild bodied smoke to enjoy early in the morning with a cup of coffee. They agree that this may not be for the average aficionado who prefers a fuller bodied stick, but perfect for those who are newer to the industry or simply prefer a Connecticut.

In conclusion, the Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigars are beautifully constructed and feel nice in the hand. The subtle nuances of creamy, woody, and earthy notes make a nice blend for a morning cup of coffee. The overall consensus is that this is a perfect smoke for those just starting out or for those that prefer a less stout stick. They are reasonably priced at around five dollars and would make a great addition to a variety of offerings being stored in a humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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