Buy Esteban Carreras 5150 Cigars OnlineWhen looking for a smooth stogie with lots of oomph, many folks turn to the excellence of Esteban Carreras 5150 cigars. The reviews have been amazing with this popular brand of stogie, because the manufacturer has a history of superiority in the industry for producing smoothness that tantalizes all of the senses, from the cold draw to the final fall of the ash. Of course, people will want to personally try out this fine stogie to form their own opinions, but it will leave people wanting more for their personal humidors.

For a factory to be considered superior, all the proper equipment is a must. However, the big difference between an average factory and a superior factory are the skills by which the company’s employees are able to custom design the stogies. With this amazingly popular name, people can expect the best, because that is what folks receive. Rated 91 by aficionados, each stogie stands as a testament to the excellence provided in each hand rolled stogie, combining the perfect tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Santiago, and Nicaragua.

It has been said that smoking this wonderful offering produces a mellow, fruity flavor with a hint of spice. When the fruity combination vanishes, a nice barnyard flavor arises, with the hints of spice holding steady, waiting just under the strength of the hay. When folks light-up the Esteban Carreras 5150 cigar, the imagination becomes a reality, offering a mild, medium-bodied experience that gains strength towards the final third.

The band on this fine stogie is beautifully designed, and the smoothness of the wrapper promises the good things to follow. Of course, one of the most important aspects of any stogie is the draw and ash consistency. Those that have tried the Esteban Carreras 5150 cigars have reported that they do not disappoint, providing an even draw thanks to the superior construction, and an ash that is stable throughout the smoking experience.

The wrapper is a delicious Sumatra wrapper, straight from the rich soils of Ecuador. Beautifully hand rolled, this is an opportunity to add something special to the humidor. Each stogie is consistently flavorful and fresh, without the staleness associated with some of the less-reputable names. Any smoker would find this an attractive choice for any and all occasions.

Another popular feature of an Esteban Carreras 5150 cigar is the price. This is nothing to scoff at, as the stogie offers reasonable prices without forcing the smoker to settle for cheap quality. In fact, the prices on these stogies are so low that they are regularly out of stock on many of the popular online retailers. Finding these may be difficult, but discovering a few lingering here and there definitely makes up for the challenge.

Esteban Carreras 5150 cigars are a testament to true craftsmanship in the tobacco industry. Providing superiority with each puff of smoke, reviewers note that the flavor stays consistently delicious with very little bitterness, and offers lots of potential for filling the humidor with a superior, quality stogie on any budget. Few stogies come with this amount of class without costing a small fortune. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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