Esteban Carreras 1961 CigarsThe Esteban Carreras 1961 definitely fits within the unique category of cigars that are wrapped in deliciousness, thus causing a tasty experience for those lucky few that are able to experience them. While the blend of tobaccos may not seem too unique, the aroma and flavor play with all of the senses. This provides all levels of cigar smokers with an enjoyable experience not soon forgotten.

Manufactured in Santiago, Dominican Republic, this cigar is a popular blend created under the watchful eye of Craig Cunningham. Only the longest and darkest tobaccos are used. The size is perfect for just about any cigar aficionado. One’s experience begins as soon as the eyes rest on these beauties. There are a lot of big names behind this cigar, and the reviews have been mixed when it comes to popularity. However, those names insure this cigar deserves a closer look.

The wrapper is a long Cameroon beauty that is tight without being overbearing. There is plenty of room within that perfect wrapper to allow for a nice, smooth draw. The ridges are few, and the cigar has a nice bumpy texture. This offers a play for the fingers, allowing for a full body experience. The cap is a nice combination of layers, and is nicely rounded for easy enjoyment of the Esteban Carreras 1961. The shade of brown is nicely centered between dark and light. The nice oily sheen provides a wonderful texture adding to the whole experience.

There have been observances that the pre-light puff is a little bit generic. However, once lit, the nice earthy aroma combines with hints of fruit for a nice medium-bodied experience. Initially, the sharpness of the flavors were said to sometimes resemble coffee, vanilla, and cinnamon. It takes about an inch before the spiciness starts kicking in, making the Esteban Carreras 1961 a well-rounded cigar for any level of smoker.

Even the price of this stogie is right to insure maximum exposure to a wide variety of recipients. Those who reviewed it were very pleased with the price range, especially with the big names behind this offering.

After getting into the second third, there is a note of mild spiciness. The flavors in this offering are mellow and fairly consistent throughout the smoking experience. This is quite appealing to many aficionados as they tend to enjoy the consistency of a quality smoke. It has been noted that the spiciness will sometimes be accompanied by a slight bitter flavor, but it has been said to be very light and in no way overwhelming to the senses.

In the final third is where the smoker will begin experiencing the real pleasure in the Esteban Carreras 1961 as it proudly introduces a sweet, nutty flavor that is absolutely delightful. Especially when combined with the spiciness that still lingers in the background. The reviewers seem to agree that the ash held true throughout the experience, and still holds firm through the final third, meaning there will be no accidental burns with this cigar.

The Esteban Carreras 1961 is a cigar worth trying, especially to experience a high quality name without the big price tag attached. This stick is perfect for those loving a mellow to medium-bodied flavor in a cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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