Esteban Carreras 187 CigarEsteban Carreras 187 cigars are another great creation from A.J. Fernandez. He comes from three generations of cigar makers and is considered a master blender. His factory is in Esteli, Nicaragua. This manufacturing process has roots that take the family back to their Cuban ancestry. Mr. Fernandez is also known for some other cigars for which he was the master blender. He was consulted in the creating of Padilla Achilles, Rocky Patel and the Man O’War series. These are just a few of the offerings in which he has been a huge collaborator and creator. He worked closely with Craig Cunningham on this particular line.

This looks like a simple cigar from the outside. The Esteban Carreras 187 sports a darkened wrapper that has some visible veins. The wrapper also had a light and oily glow. The foot is fashioned with a simplistic gold band. Most of the reviewers said that merely viewing the cigar did not excite them. Nor did it set the expectation bar too high. However, they all noted that it was important to remember that no book should ever be judged merely by its cover. This stick was proof of that.

In the beginning of the Esteban Carreras 187, there are flavors of coffee and cocoa that are present. The chocolate taste is more like a darker type of chocolate or cocoa. However, most reviewers said that there was also a distinct taste that accompanied this cocoa and coffee. It was a very slight, yet pleasant note of caramel. It was creamy tasting with tinges of almond flavor notes.

The next half of the Esteban Carreras 187 ushered in a very spicy and peppery flavor. It stayed dominant through the end of the smoke. The cocoa, coffee and caramelized almond nuttiness stayed in the background throughout the smoke as well.

This cigar is only offered in two different sizes: Toro (6 inches by 50) and Torpedo (6 3/4 x 52). Both sizes are available to buy individually or in boxes of twenty five cigars. This stick sports a Maduro-Shade Leaf tobacco that is grown in Nicaragua. The blend is also Nicaraguan and it gives the cigar a full bodied composure as well as lending an overall spicy flavor and aroma.

Most reviewers placed this smoke in the medium to full bodied category. The construction of the Esteban Carreras 187 cigar is reported by the reviewers to be really well done. The draw and burn are both said to be good. Most of the reviewers were happy that the entire cigar, from the wrapper to the filler, came from Nicaraguan tobacco. The reviews about the cigar as a whole were excellent. Many in fact stated that they would be a repeat purchaser of this stick. The only thing that any of the reviewers listed as a con was the fact that it wasn’t offered in more sizes. There is an interesting tidbit about the number that is used in the name of this cigar. It comes from the police code for a casualty, as he has done with other cigar offerings in the past. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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