Wrapper: Ecuador Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican/ Nicaragua Strength: Medium to Full body

EP Carillo Core Line CigarThe EP Carrillo Core Line has been causing quite a commotion in the cigar industry. From the beginning of EP Carrillo cigars, cigar aficionados have been waiting in anticipation for the next great smoke. Most were blown away by the initial release of the EP Carrillo Edicion Inaugural that was followed by the EP Carrillo Short Run. Those cigars were so successful, cigar lovers couldn't wait for the next release, the EP Carrillo Core Line. It is offered in six different sizes and is sold in boxes of twenty. Unlike the other two releases, it is made for larger production. Which means, if you become a lover of this cigar, your local cigar shop will likely keep them in stock in their humidor.

To get a sense of the pride that goes into the EP Carrillo Core Line is to take a look at the history behind this brand. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Sr. was born in Cuba in the early 1900's. He grew up working in the tobacco industry, and eventually purchased his first cigar factory in Havana, naming it El Credito. Being a well-respected family in Cuba, Ernesto was elected twice as a Senator in Cuba. Life was good for the Perez-Carrillo family until Castro gained control of Cuba. Ernesto was apprehended several times because of his political beliefs. The government also seized the family's property, and their tobacco factory. Fearing for their lives, they fled from Cuba and came to the U.S. in 1959. They took up residence in Miami, and Ernesto eventually purchased another cigar factory in Little Havana, calling it El Credito. When he passed in 1980, his son, Ernesto Jr. took over the company to continue the family legacy. He ran it until 1999, when Swedish Match purchased the family business. Ernesto Jr. continued to work at Swedish Match/General Cigar until early 2009. Upon the urging of his children, Ernesto III and Lissette, in late 2009, he opened EP Carrillo cigars.

The EP Carrillo Core Line has an Ecuadorian grown Sumatra seed wrapper. The binder is Nicaraguan, and the filler leaves are both Dominican and Nicaraguan. The pre-light draw has a woody flavor with a hint of spice. The cigar feels firm, no soft spots are apparent, and the wrapper has minimal veins. At the beginning of the smoke, there is a woody flavor, as noted in the pre-light draw. There is also a creamy texture with hints of spices and cashews. The second third has less creaminess and a bit of cedar starts coming forward. The spice is starting to increase as well. In the final third, the creaminess comes back with the continued hints of nutmeg and spice. The cedar is even more prevalent, but not overwhelming. The burn is fairly straight and self corrected rather quickly. The ash is a medium gray color and a bit flaky.

This is a complex cigar, but not like the other releases. It has more spice to it, but it is not overpowering. The creaminess that is left on the palate is the perfect balance. Once you have tried the EP Carrillo Core Line, you will understand what the fuss has been all about, and why people are willing to wait for such superb cigars. It's not only for the unique, and aged tobacco used, but also the philosophy the family has lived by to guarantee a superb smoke.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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