Cigar: Entubar Original Cigar

Origin: Nicaragua     Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Filler: Nicaragua/ Dominican Republic     Strength: Medium Full

Binder: Nicaragua

Entubar Original CigarsThe Entubar Original cigar is the flagship cigar line for the Berger and Argenti cigar producers. In early 2009, three talented brothers, Micheal and Albert Argenti, and Enrique Berger, joined together to make remarkable cigars. They chose to offer the Entubar Original in the following sizes, Corona Macho 4 5/8 inch x 48 ring gauge, Double Corona 7 5/8 x 54, Gran Toro 6 5/8 x 64, Robusto 5 3/8 x 54 and Torpedo 6 7/8 x 56.

Even though the Berger and Argenti cigar line is relatively new, these three men are no strangers to the tobacco world. Enrique Berger of Tabacalera Esteli, also the man behind Cuban Crafters Cigars, comes from a family of tobacconists. He is known to be a renowned tobacco grower, and manufacturer of premium cigars. Brothers, Micheal and Albert Argenti have a comprehensive knowledge of cigars, as well as a matchless reputation in the industry. Through their Cuban Imports company they have given us brand extensions like Por Larranaga Cuban Grade and El Rey del Mundo Olvidados. Their headquarters are in Miami and their agricultural and production facilities are in Esteli, Nicaragua. They have chosen to keep their cigars exclusive by only allowing B&M's to sell their line. They also make only small quantities at a time to ensure that the absolute highest quality and standards are used in making their cigars.

The name itself, Entubar, is a tribute to the days of old Cuban making of cigars. When the cigar is made, each individual filler leaf is folded back on itself, before being bunched together. In the case of the Entubar Original, each Nicaraguan and Dominican filler leaf is bunched together, and then it is bunched together with the Nicaraguan binder. The purpose of doing this is to create more of a draw and burn by allowing open chambers of air to flow from the foot of the cigar to the head.

The design of the Entubar Original may catch some off guard by its rather pointy tip. It is carefully twisted with filler at the foot, formed into a point. The rest of the appearance of the wrapper is a darker cocoa color, smooth feeling, with a slight oiliness to the touch. This cigar has a nice firmness to it and there are no soft spots. The pre-light has an aroma of an earthy tobacco with a hint of spice, more like pepper. The draw is flawless, and the ash holds perfectly and is a medium gray color. The first-third has a bit of a nutty flavor, but there seems to be no spice as there was with the pre-light draw. Towards the end of the fist-third, notes of cedar and herb become noticeable. In the second-third, the flavor starts to intensify and an earthy tobacco flavor is dominant. However, the herbal notes and some of the spice in the pre-light draw are in the background. During the final third, the spice starts to pick up and the earthy tobacco flavor was also increasing with intensity.

The Entubar Original is a complex cigar, but transitions smoothly through the flavors. The particular construction of this cigar makes the draw easy, and even more pleasurable to smoke. Since these are made in limited quantity, don't pass the opportunity to enjoy one if the event presents itself.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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