Nestor Miranda Special Edition Cigar SaleNestor Miranda Special Selection Cigars are a perfect representation of two masters of the industry coming together to create a high quality smoke. What started out with Nestor Miranda’s idea to come out with a line displaying his own name evolved into a joint venture with Don José "Pepin" Garcia of Don Pepin Cigars. Their combined knowledge and lengthy experience resulted in the medium to full bodied Nestor Miranda Special Selection Cigar line-up.

The namesake behind this offering is sometimes referred to as the most interesting man in the industry. Miranda left his homeland of Cuba alongside his wife Mariana to stake a claim in the United States tobacco industry. In 1989 the family owned Miami Cigar & Company brand was launched. While initial sales started out in the thousands that first year, his success was apparent as they increased rapidly to six figures. This Florida based company has brought a number of fine smokes to the industry, including the Tatiana, Don Lino and the owner’s own collection which includes the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Cigars. Pepin Garcia was the other contributor to this premium line. Also originating from Cuba and starting out in the tobacco industry at a young age, he made his way to Miami to found his own brand. He not only created his own blends, but produced smokes for other brands as well. His growing popularity led him to require not one, but two factories to keep up with the production volume. While his first factory was in Miami, he built his second one in Esteli, Nicaragua to be close to the Cuban-like Nicaraguan tobaccos. Along with his son Jaime, the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Cigar was the first to be produced in Pepin Garcia’s new stomping ground.

This particular smoke is manufactured in a number of distinct vitolas, with each being available in two different wrappers, the medium strength Habano Rosado and the full-bodied Habano Oscuro. From the wrapper to the binder and filler the various tobacco elements of this premium stogie are all of Nicaraguan descent. The sizes available include the Coffee Break, Danno 2010, Gordo, Lancero, Robusto, and Ruky.

Those that have been lucky enough to experience this high quality smoke have given it rave reviews in response. A favorite among them is the Lancero, which measures at 7 ½ x 40 and comes in a box of 25. It is described as having a primitive looking wrapper with a flawless pigtail cap. Once lit, the sweetness is said to really take off. The first third carries on this sweet flavor while introducing wood and spicey undertones. Upon entering the second third the sugary taste was said to continue while a hint of rich coffee is detected. Nearing the end, the final third brings together the consistency of the various flavors smokers enjoyed throughout. Reviewers note that the coffee and sweetness continue subtly with mild notes of spice and wood appearing once again. The ash was said to hold strong throughout, while the burn was smooth to the end.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Cigars are truly a must have for any humidor. The expertise these two industry leaders brought together created a real masterpiece. The applause received for this distinctive blend even led them to collaborate once again for a limited release 20th anniversary edition of this premium line. With smokes as good as this, their success will continue for twenty more years or longer.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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