Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro          Binder: Nicaraguan                Strenth : Medium- Full

Filler: Nicaraguan                               Origin: Nicaragua

Perdomo Habano MaduroThe Perdomo Habano Maduro cigar originates from a Cuban seed filler. The tobacco is grown in three different regions Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa. This Perdomo cigar was released in 2007. Its appearance at first is eye catching as one enters the humidor in your local cigar shop. The Perdomo Habano Maduro has two beautifully detailed artistic bands, one at the foot and one at the head of the stick. There are noticeable veins however they are quite flat and smooth. It is a larger cigar that is evenly packed, with no soft spots found and felt quite solid in the hand. The color is dark with an nice oily look about it. Upon first sniff you get a pleasant earth like woodiness smell.

Upon lighting it is found that the stick burned evenly with no need for touch up, and lasted for quite some time (approximately and hour and a half). This stick has a generous variety of flavor throughout. I enjoyed the perfect draw and generous volume of smoke. The ash is nice and strong holding on to produce a nice length to it. Despite being a bit flakey at first the ash levels out to be less flakey as the second third is approached. I noticed the spiced Maduro flavoring right away with a hint of chocolate. The creaminess left a nice aftertaste which I noticed held on longer as I continued to smoke a bit more. Eventually this cigar reveals a touch of fruitiness in the second third, and holds on to the creaminess throughout the entire smoking experience. The primary flavor seems to come from the wrapper and has quite a natural sweetness to it.

The filler tend to be earthy and have a hint of nut to it which I found to be nice. I enjoyed that my Perdomo Habano Maduro had a leathery, wood like earthy taste throughout. There was a touch of coffee like mocha to it which is commonly known to the Maduro family of cigars. This cigar has a refreshing variety of flavors, adding a slightly peppery spice to it finished off the flavor nicely. There is fruitiness with this cigar that adds sweetness all on its own.

 In conclusion I have found the draw of this cigar to be quite enjoyable, and it had a nice and strong ash which was quite dark. It has a familiar Maduro flavor about it, yet incorporates and interesting array of flavors the entire time it is smoked. The cigar stayed earthy with a wood like peppery nutty flavor incorporated into sweet fruitiness. I have already added a few more to my collection, finding these to be fairly priced it is a nice evening smoke to wind down my day. There are seven cigars in the Perdomo Habano Maduro collection all of which I enjoy. I would recommend this cigar to everyday smokers due to the pricing and quality being so wonderful; it makes a great daily smoker. I thoroughly enjoyed this smoking experience and that it lasts for quite some time as it took me just under two hours to finish the cigar. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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