Serious Cigars offers laser engraving as a way to enhance your promotional cigar accessories. Customized designs add an impressive sense of elegance and ownership, while also providing a tasteful way to endorse your business. The tradition of gifting these luxury items for special occasions or professional achievements presents a wonderful opportunity for your business to put itself out there. A beautiful engraving of a professional name or logo is sure to be memorable and make an impression with anyone. These accoutrements also possess the benefit of multiple uses. Every time the receiver handles one of these well-crafted objects, they will be reminded of you and your service.


Tailoring promotional cigar accessories with your name or logo creates a sense of title and recognition. Because the art of smoking is already linked to refinement and class, connecting your brand to this practice affords you the chance to be associated with these merits in a stylish way. The versatility of the laser cutter gives you many choices when selecting a product. The engraver can cut imagery on humidors, lighters, cutters, ashtrays, holders, and almost anything else you can think of. The laser can even inscribe motifs on the actual cigars without burning or otherwise altering them. This long list of selections better enables you to make the perfect choice when gifting and promoting your business.


The smoking experience begins with an appreciation for quality. Finely crafted consumables are even more enjoyable when complemented by equally fashioned equipment. Serious Cigars’ state of the art engraver can beautifully carve the finest details on a vast array of products. The technology creates a contrast image by etching the design to a lighter value. The image then stands out against the background. This service offers you an incredible set of options when personalizing products. The inscriptions maintain a high level of detail, yet the process is so gentle that it will not compromise the item.


Think through the advantages of customizing the extensive options for promotional cigar accessories. It is valuable to consider the significance of the overall experience when smoking a personalized cigar. It is an encounter ripe with sophistication and refinement, which is supported and enhanced by the excellence of the details. The need for accompanying equipment, such as lighters, ashtrays, or humidors that match the craftsmanship of the smoke is paramount when creating a lasting impression. Accomplishing this goal while simultaneously referencing your business with a customized engraving connects you to distinction and satisfaction.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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