An Emilio Draig K Limitado is a fine cigar of robust and unique flavors.Gary Griffith’s Emilio Cigars is said to be one of the best new companies to enter the industry in a long time, and its 2012 release of the Emilio Draig K Limitado cigar is yet another success by the brand. This boutique company was responsible for several top notch releases in 2011, including the Grimalkin, AF1 and the AF2. The name of this new stogie was inspired from a couple of different sources. The first is the “Draig” – which is the name for a Welsh dragon. The second is the “K” – which represents one of Gary’s close friends that passed away during the final production of the stick.


The Emilio Draig K Limitado cigar was put on a short run production, so there are only 400 boxes of each of the three vitolas available. These vitolas are Corona (5 1/2 x 42), Robusto (5 x 50) and Toro (6 x 50). The wrapper is a rarely seen Colombian Cubanito Maduro and the blend is a Honduran and Nicaraguan combination. This stick has a very stark appearance, with one of the darkest wrappers on the market and an ornamental band. The paper is nearly black and produces a bright oily sheen. While there are some seams and veins, they are barely visible given the stogie’s dark color. The band has no lettering on it. Instead, it features a Medieval-style pinkish red dragon amid a field of emerald green designs. Behind the dragon’s head is a castle in the distance. Griffith hasn’t been afraid to package his stogies with a strong theme, and this one is no exception.


Some reviewers detected shaved dark chocolate and herbs during the pre-light draw, and this carries over to the first third of the Emilio Draig K Limitada cigar. The strongest flavors in this section of the fine cigar are dark chocolate, leather, herbs and spice. Eventually, the dark chocolate settles in as the dominant note, with the herbs and spices both in the background. Near the end of the first third, the spice changes into a spicy apple taste.


The second third of the stick drifts back to a more familiar set of flavors. The herbs slowly disappear and the apple spice switches to a baking spice taste. The Emilio Draig K Limitado cigar still keeps the dark chocolate front and center in this part of the stick. The final third of the stogie is the same, but the spice hijacks the dominant role from the dark chocolate. The smoke finishes spicy, but not harsh at all, right down to the nub.


When the Emilio Draig K Limitado cigar first shipped, Griffith warned aficionados about lighting it up right away. The wrapper and smaller ring gauge makes it a little harder to breathe, so the burn can be a little haphazard unless it’s allowed to age a little bit longer. Reviewers still found it to be manageable and the draw to be excellent. Given the robust and unique flavors, most aficionados stated that the burn was just a very minor nuisance.


This stick is complex, but not overly powerful. Most believed it was a strong medium in terms of strength, but that it is definitely full bodied. Reviewers were unanimous in their adoration for the flavor profile and construction, and some believe Griffith may have caused a paradigm shift with the Colombian wrapper.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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