Quesada Heisenberg Cigar Lets You "Embrace Uncertainty" and Like ItThe Quesada Heisenberg cigar can be tough to review because details regarding the stogie are being intentionally obfuscated. In physics, Heisenberg is credited as the inspiration behind the Uncertainty Principle, which asserts that the momentum and position of a particle cannot be derived simultaneously. The creators of this stick are adopting this theme, suggesting that the more it is reviewed and analyzed, the less people will be able to experience it fully. This is embodied in the stogie’s slogan, which is “embrace uncertainty.” As such, it is generating controversy among aficionados, who aren’t aware of where the stogie was produced and who created it.


The stick is available in four vitolas, including Petite( 4 3/4 x 40), Corona (4 x 43), Robusto (5 x 48) and Cornet Cuadrada (5 3/4 x 44/48/55), which translates into “square horn.” The wrapper, binder and filler origins are all unknown, making the Quesada Heisenberg cigar either intriguing or frustrating, depending on how much information about a stick a smoker needs. The Cornet Cuadrada is box pressed, and it looks like a tapered horn. It is the color of coffee bean, with a deeper marbling crisscrossing the stick. There is some veining, and seams are present, but the wrapper is only slightly oily. To drive up the mystery factor even more, there is no label.


The pre-light draw releases a collection of flavors, including coffee, caramel, citrus, and cherry. The first third of the Quesada Heisenberg cigar mimics this range of flavor pretty closely, with only a couple of notable differences. The dominant tastes in this part of the stick are pepper, orange, and cocoa, though the orange is the leading actor compared to the others. The pepper is most noticeable when retrohaling, and the cocoa fades shortly after appearing. As the cocoa fades, floral layers join it in the background.


The second third of the stick brings the caramel into action. Some reviewers found that it would dart in and out, as intense as the orange, when it was apparent. The pepper, cocoa, and floral notes all hang steadily in the background throughout this part of the Quesada Heisenberg cigar.


The final third ramps up the intensity for a couple of the flavors and does away with the rest. Namely, the orange, pepper and floral layers are all strong, while the cocoa and caramel notes fade out. The stick ends with a combination of sweet and spicy tastes on the palate, and it finishes without being harsh.

The Quesada Heisenberg cigar scored well among reviewers on burn and draw, which is a feat, as unusually shaped sticks tend to have problems in these areas. The burn does require a few touchups to keep straight, but holds a flame well. The draw is flawless, and the ash, though it does flake a little, is the perfect salt and pepper color. The body and strength both start out in the medium range, though aficionados found that it is near full by the end of the smoke. Many stated that it would a good transition for novices who are looking to graduate to something a little more complex.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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