El Primer Mundo Liga Miami CigarThe El Primer Mundo Liga Miami cigars were created by Willy Herrera and offered by Sean Williams’ company. This line is quite different for a few reasons. First, this line is hand rolled using a method that is known as entubado, which entails taking each leaf of tobacco and rolling it into a tubular shape. This gives the finished smoke a great draw. There are also two different binder leaves infused into the mix, and this aids in the rolling process.

The box that the El Primer Mundo Liga Miami cigars are offered in is quite different as well. It is not a lavish box as many other manufacturers use and it is rather plain. The sticks are also not wrapped individually in cellophane. The thought process was to make it appear more like those that would be offered in Cuba.

The only size that is available at the moment is the toro vitola, which has a ring gauge of 6”x 52”. Later there will be robustos and churchills available. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Sungrown. The binder is two different Nicaraguan tobaccos, and the filler is both Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan leafs.

The aroma that greets the smoker on the pre-light is that of a green and earthy mixture that one might find fermenting by the garden. However, the pre-light draw offers up a taste that many reviewers stated as being like cotton candy. It has the flavors of creamy and woodsy sweetness that also has caramel notes.

The El Primer Mundo Liga Miami cigars are nice burning sticks. They typically outlast others of similar size by half an hour.

Upon lighting this smoke, the obvious flavor notes are roasted nuts and vegetables along with the sweet caramel taste. This remains throughout the stick with wood and cream coming and going throughout all three thirds of the cigar. Other flavors that come in to play on the palate would be some nice hints of cherry fruits as well as chocolate.

Overall, this is a smoke that is well worth the money. The El Primer Mundo Liga Miami cigars make the most of their unique flavor profile. The distinctive type of rolling and wrapping aid in making them burn so well. The ash holds on well into the middle of the smoke, and it is a full salt and pepper gray color. The smoke is plentiful and thick. It even has a silky creaminess to it.

While this line is fairly new, the El Primer Mundo Liga Miami cigars are receiving high marks and great reviews from those in the tobacco industry. Most everyone has conceded that this is a great smoke, and they are greatly anticipating the development of the other ring gauges at a later date. Because of their great popularity they are becoming increasingly more difficult to find in the shops and online. This is why if an opportunity arises to grab some, almost all of the aficionados recommend that smokers seize the opportunity quickly and stock their humidors.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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