Scented Oil Lamps For Sale Scented oil lamps can help you improve the fragrance of your home, and make it even more welcoming than it already is. If you’re trying to improve the smells in your home, you are not alone. The odors we fight fervently can be from any number of things, but pets and smoking are the most common causes. Most smokers realize that the lingering odors that are left behind from their tobacco of choice don’t smell very pleasant as it lingers in the air. Whether the smoker is bothered by the odor or not, if there are non-smokers in the house, or if the smoker has non-smokers that come to visit, it is very much appreciated when you do something to help eliminate the odor. A lot of people have troubles with odors giving them allergy symptoms, particularly those from smoke. Since all you have to do is look into purchasing a scented oil lamp, it seems like it would be quite easy to try to make your guests or those sharing your house with you more comfortable with something simple to remove those unwanted odors.

Of course, these scented oil lamps haven’t been around forever, but they have been around for quite a long time. When they were initially introduced, it was a product for use in the medical field, because they were considered to clean the air, and not just scent it. They were used in places like hospitals because they were thought to be an advantage to the disinfecting requirements for the hospitals. The Lampe Berger was named after the man who refined and patented the catalytic process designed nearly a hundred years earlier by two European scientists. At some point, there was a realization that these lights didn’t have to be restricted to use in medical establishments, because they might appeal to the home market as well. As the primary market changed, so did the lamps. La Tee Da is only one of the companies that now offers these beautiful odor eliminators. You can find them at many online cigar shops, along with the varying aromas that are offered. Now you can get gorgeous colorful lamps, and pick one in your favorite color, or get one to match your best friend’s decor. They are crafted to look like a design element for your home more than as a merely utilitarian object. The history of the scented oil lamp is really quite interesting, especially when you consider that the market made a massive switch after the product was already well-established for another market.

If you’re in the market for one of these beauties, you can talk with the fine folks at your favorite cigar shop to get some more information and any advice you might need. You can look at the various fragrance offerings and see how many beautiful smells you can have permeating your own home. You can choose to always stick with the same smell, and make it something like a signature perfume, or you can choose to pick several of the choices and alternate the smells depending on your mood. Whichever you pick, you’re going to have a house full of a fabulous and fresh odor before you know it. If you’d rather only fragrance a smaller area, you can decide to pick one of the smaller scented oil lamps.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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