Elektro Electronic CigarettesElektro electronic cigarettes are another option for the smoker looking for an alternative smoking experience. Instead of burning tobacco wrapped in paper, you have a battery operated experience where an atomizer vaporizes the nicotine. You won’t need your lighters, and instead of the traditional second hand smoke, you’re left with an odorless vapor.

One cartridge for the Elektro electronic cigarette is nearly the same as two traditional smokes. As the cartridge empties, the flavor will diminish and the e-cigarette will produce a minimized vapor.

When comparing the claims of the Elektro electronic cigarette to what you will deal with from the traditional type, there appears to be a significant decrease in negatives from this product. It claims no tar, no carbon monoxide, and no stained teeth, just for starters. There aren’t many traditional smokes that will bother trying to make those claims. The electronic type does not contain any nicotine or other harsh additives.

If you like to spend your free evenings out on the town, your smoking habit might have put a damper on things lately. Since many places no longer allow smoking inside their establishments, you’d have to choose to miss out on the activity in order to indulge in your craving. Or you may have to interrupt your activities a number of times throughout the evening to go to a designated area to have a break. When you miss out on so much already, it might sometimes hardly seem worth it to make the effort to go out and join up with the group. With Elektro electronic cigarettes, that’s no longer the case, as they can be smoked in a lot of additional places, and they even pass the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

You can either choose between a single-package disposable e-cigarette, or a multi-part starter pack that provides you with what you will need for a lengthier time. Several of the single disposable options should last for approximately the equivalent of thirty traditional smokes. If you decide to go solely or primarily with the starter pack, you could choose to buy a lifetime warranty for your battery, and not have to pay to replace the battery if it dies. You also have the option of buying one of the carrying cases, which come in a number of different colors. You could pick your favorite color, or match it to your favorite team’s colors. You might also choose to buy a self-charging carrying case, which is a carrying case that you can hook up to your computer by the attached USB cable. Or perhaps you’d prefer to charge your batteries in a case with the car charger. Now, there’s almost no problem with being able to keep the batteries charged, regardless of where you are. You can choose to buy the charging pieces individually as well, if you’d rather, and can even opt for one that charges a single battery out of the case, while plugged into the wall.

If you’re a smoker, and you’ve heard about Elektro electronic cigarettes, but haven’t tried one yet, you can check with your local cigar shop to see what they have to offer. You might just decide you prefer this smoking alternative.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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